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So, in my first time back in over a year I posted, “A Year of Ups and Downs, But I’m Still Standing”. In it was mentioned how I wanted to ease back into things as it seemed there was a great deal of changes since being active.

After poking around, reading and absorbing information, it seems some things have changed and, regretfully, some things have stayed the same. Seems only the techie things changed and the people are still....the same...people. There are still good people and the turd blossoms are still turd blossoms.

My first post in over a year was being upvoted and doing well. I would hope that is because people liked what I wrote. Then along came a whale, who for whatever reason, decided to downvote me and destroyed any gains from the upvotes. At first, I did not understand what had happened when I seen such a large dive in my potential payout. I asked around and immediately got a response from @adetorrent.

He, @adetorrent, was one of the first people I meet on Steemit. Back then I immediately followed him and started socializing via Steemit, Dtube and maybe a couple other sites on the Steem blockchain. He was always helpful and conversational. It was no surprise he was the first to jump in and explain what had happened.

I was really PISSED when I understood what had taken place. I checked the comments. I thought anyone that would drop the hammer on me like this must have a reason and most likely voiced it. Nope! Not a single comment as to why they down voted me with a pile driver.

I then thought maybe they posted about it on their blog since they didn’t leave a comment on mine. You figure anyone who would do this has something to say regarding the content of the post. I mean they must have something to say, right? Why shouldn’t they? It stirred them so much they killed over half the potential payout for a little #minnow like me in one click.

So now I go to their blog to check if they posted anything that would bring light to why my virtual beat down occurred. Nope, nada, nothing. In fact, this ASS HAT had only three posts on his blog, all three over 2 years ago and one of those was a resteem of another whale, who I also discovered is an ass hat as well. At this moment is when I really got bent!

I am fuming by now. I want to unleash a digital ass whoopin' on this jerk. It is at this point that my ole’ buddy @adetorrent educates me on why this had happened. It seems we have a disgruntled clique of whales, who like children, are throwing a fit because they didn’t get their way with the recent Steemit changes. So instead of dealing with it by voicing their opinions and thoughts on their Steemit blog, and God forbid they contribute posts and content, they start taking it out on innocent bystanders.

Like a tantrum throwing toddler, they start breaking everyone else’s toys. They start down voting people for no reason. People in the community who contribute. People who are not whales and work hard to deliver value to the community with every post and interaction. They are not doing this because they dislike the posts, maybe they do, but not likely. They are doing it out of spite, revenge, deliberate meanness.

Pause for a quick squirrel moment:
Steemit needs to put a stop to this down vote thing right away else it will run lots of people away. I have some thoughts on that I will share later.

Yes, I got dejected! My high from being back on Steemit took a big downturn just as quickly as it came. I was ready to say, “Screw It”. I thought it wasn’t worth it. Why work hard on something just to have it taken from you with no explanation, no justification, not even a “F$%& YOU, AND HAVE A GOOD DAY!”.

But then….

Something very uplifting happened!

Out of nowhere people like @adetorrent , @thatkidsblack , @markangeltrueman , @yidneth , @victoriabsb , @cryptoffee , @dmwh , @paintingangels and the @helpie and @c-squared communities came out of nowhere to rally their circle of Steemit friends. I was overwhelmed by the response. I started receiving tons of upvotes, words of encouragement and just the general feeling of what Steemit is supposed to be about.

So, to all of you mentioned above, THANK YOU!!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You renewed my faith, and the feeling, I have in what Steemit and Steem can be. The masses, all with different backgrounds, nationalities, races, sexes and beliefs coming together under a banner of common cause. In this case it was to make the community better for just one person when they were down. If we could just do the same outside of Steem, it would be a great world.

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“Let’s get on with its Joe! We are tired of this emotional roller coaster” most of you may be saying by now. Hopefully you’re still with me. Well of course you are if you’re reading this. I can be silly sometimes. My wife says I act silly because of all the crap in my ears due to having my head up my arse all the time.

@jongolson, who introduced me to Steemit and Steem back at the end of 2017, made a post a couple of years ago. “My '5-500-5000' Plan For 2018” was his plan and it still makes sense to me today. Now, at this point it looks like Jon crushed the 500 followers (currently has 2,349) and 5,000 SP (currently has over 24,000SP). That leaves no doubt that he was at least having 5, if not a lot more, interactions per day on Steemit and the rest of the blockchain. The plan was a success I would say. With that said, I am all about doing what is proven to work.

OK!! OK!! I’ll shut up and let you get back precious moments of your life spent reading my keyboard diarrhea. I’m going to work on my own 5-500-5000 plan for 2020!

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damn dude. why didn’t you tell us you were back??? good to see you man. drop by the discord and touch base if you have some time this week.

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I was planning on touching base. Just trying to ease back into things and get the lay of the land. Been a real kick in the pants this last year+. As you probably read, I got a "howdy-do" of a welcome back the other day.
Looks like the SteemSavvy launch and CTP makeover went really well. Congratulations!

yeah. welcome to ‘new steem’ lol downvotes are thrown around now all the time lol yeah man. drop me a line anytime.

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Hey, I'm trying to remember how I add more weight to my vote. Can you please remind me?

You can use some of the other condensers if you don't have the slider on Steemit yet....I mean, I'm partial to ;) but things like Steempeak and Busy will be able to give you the ability to choose what the weight is of each vote you give.

Thanks Jon, very much appreciated.

Hahaha. Epic. Yeah, it's really heating up now. A few more large accounts have joined in the flag wars, and it's about to blow haha.

I'm afraid to resteem this for fear of drawing the giant toddler here again :)

Go ahead and resteem. I don't care. It will work itself out in the end.

I'm not sure if this was around when you were here before but @steembasicincome is another cool community initiative on Steem. Here is a link to check out if you are interested:

I just sponsored you which is cool since we then both have 1 additional share. I'm not sure about other front-ends but will show you how many shares you have on the wallet page. Enjoy!

Right on. Thanks. I will check these out when I get time.
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Hi! Please use the tag palnet in your post i want to upvote it so you can receive a big upvote on pal coin and you dont have the tag that os a big #fail!!! Lol also if you dont know what im talking about let me know to explain further =)

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Thanks so much. I have added #palnet as a tag in the post. If you can share more on what you are talking about, please do. I'm oblivious.
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Aw I'm glad you got your encouragement back... and some cake ;-)
It happened to me as well, we were mere bystanders