What I Didn't Realise About HF21

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And Why I Will Be Upvoting Fewer Comments

Apart from the down time yesterday. the biggest change I've seen so far from HF21 is the reduced value of my comment upvote. As you will see from my question to @exyle this morning, I wasn't expecting it.

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Morning @exyle. I'm a bit confused since I notice my upvote value on other people's comments has halved. I thought that was curation and was supposed to be going up. I'm clearly not understanding something correctly.

Yesterday, to upvote a comment over the dust threshold I had to upvote a minimum of 35%. This morning that percentage is only giving 0.1c which is below the dust threshold and won't be paid out so is a total waste.

Why have my the values of my upvotes on comments gone down rather than up?

And this was his response.

It has to do with the new reward curve. It used to be linear. (1000 SP being worth twice as much as 500SP whenever or wherever (post or comment) the vote was cast).

The reward curve now slopes up slightly first and then turns linear later.

To get initial rewards started you need more SP than before. It's introduced to incentify better curation on posts and combat abuse, but voting on comments has indeed taken a hit because of this.

I have noticed this myself too. I had to increase my vote percentage on comments. I will, therefore, be more selective which one I choose to upvote more than before.

I remember reading about the linear curve thing but didn't really get what that meant. Now I can see it in operation.

Even with dolphin status, my SP will not allow me to deliver many votes above the dust threshold. So using it up on comments will probably not be the best option.

At least upvoting posts there is a good chance other people will be doing the same and, together, we should create an amount that will actually get paid out to the author.

So, apologies if your comments don't get upvoted as they did in the past.

I will be watching carefully over the next week or so and will adjust my behaviour accordingly.

I had been consoling myself on the reduction in author payments with the fact that curation would be going up. Clearly this won't be working as I'd envisioned it. 😢

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Wow, thanks for explaining that @gillianpearce, I am sure lots of people are wondering the same thing.. Looks like steemit.inc found yet another way to fuck over minnows and take away more reasons for people to stay.. plus It seems like barriar to entry is getting harder instead of easier. I feel like they are basically forcing everyone (especially newbies) to buy steem if they want to be on steemit. LAME.. These changes are definitely going to chase away more people than it brings in..

I agree @moderndayhippie. As time passes I am seeing my Steem investment in broader terms and less about the blogging. Which is a shame because I've made some great friends here. But then I've made some great friends in Steem Monsters too.

It may not be so hard for newbies though, assuming there are people still around for them to interact with, because they won't know any different. So far a newbie perspective they may still be very happy with earning anything.

It has been and continues to be, an interesting journey that's for sure.

I used to get really upset about stuff here but now I try and roll with the punches more and adjust. 😁

I am not upset either, especially since my investment has soley been my time, not my money. And like you I still see steem going places, I just think this was another nail in the coffin for steemit itself.

There is a ton of amazing innovation going on, so I think you are right there, people will be blogging less on steemit and more on specialty (community) stuff like steem monsters, actifit or any of the new DApps that dropped recently with SE so no big deal really, just more transformation of the blockchain or "rolling with the punches" as you so nicely put it ;)

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Yup voting on a comment is now something I've abandoned now too.

TBH, the real economic value of most comments is zero anyway, as it's mainly just echo-chambering or bants, so it's no biggie!

the real economic value of most comments is zero anyway

I liked the good feeling that went with it though and I only upvoted "real" comments. If I didn't know the commentor I checked their feed first. 😁

i'm still not clear about the timing aspect of stuff now. From an economic points of view should we be upvoting posts as soon after they are posted as possible? I seem to remember there was some controversy about that, the argument being that who ever could code the fastest bot would win. 😂

I also quite liked upvoting comments - but it's gone now, I'll not think about it again~!

I've set my autovote to 4 mins. I just copied other reliable curators and will tweak as necessary later!

Sounds like a plan. 😁

Even though I own over 5000 SP, I have stopped upvoting comments a few weeks ago. Instead, I've been answering the comment and then upvoting a post from the people who comment on my posts.

It was obvious this change would screw most of us. But hey, people enjoy voting for the witnesses that rig the system for their own purposes... so what can we do?

I've been answering the comment and then upvoting a post from the people who comment on my posts.

That's a great idea @trincowski. I do that sometimes too but now I will need to be more consistent about it.

Hmm. I'm not sure @exyle has got it completely right. Isn't it a case that the voting is going to resemble how it was at the start. Whereby if you vote on something early, your vote becomes worth more the more higher SP accounts that vote on the same thing.

I'm not sure myself, to be honest I haven't really been bothered to find out as I think the changes are pointless.


I think the vote timing thing is happening too @cryptogee. That was the bit I understood before the HF. What I missed was the affect of the changing of the reward curve's affect. I thought the 2 were the same thing but now I think they're different although related of course. 😁

Too be honest I've given up trying to understand Steemit. I posted a number of articles 3 years ago stating that this site and crypto in general had to learn how to speak so that non techie people could understand. That hasn't, and I don't think will ever happen...


Yes, comment votes appear to be out of the windows now, unless the price of STEEM rises.

I have seen a decent rise in curation rewards though, and the flagging of Trending posts is starting to rage.

I have seen a decent rise in curation rewards though

But only on posts right? I used to use a high percentage upvoting comments so I'm going to have to increase the percentage on posts I suppose, to make the most of my SP.

Yes it's gonna be posts from now. If and when STEEM goes up, then comment voting may become viable again.

This did not even cross my mind. Now I have to be more aware of how I vote.

Exactly! 😁

Thanks for clarifying. I had no idea. And no worries on not giving me comment upvotes. I do worry that this will discourage newbies though

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Thanks @indigoocean.

Thank you!
I was wanderding the same thing too!
Weird though but I can definitely understand the reason. I've seen a lot of posts where the author also posted comments and selfvoted them lol!

I've seen a lot of posts where the author also posted comments and selfvoted them

That's true but there are also loads of genuine engagers who will now no longer upcote comments. It's probably going to reduce the number of good comments as well as spam ones.

Those of use who have been round long enough to have formed relationships will still stay in touch no doubt but I'm not sure how it will work for those just starting out. Engaging on people posts was how I got my foothold here. But that was back in early 2017 and things were already very different from then.

It will be interesting to see how many of your comments start to drop off now that you can't upvote them all. I have a feeling the bottom of my posts are going to be like death valley before too long.

For the most part the bottom of my posts are already like death valley @bozz! 😂

I was shocked by this too. Thanks for getting it explained.

You're welcome! 😁

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Thanks for explaining that I was wondering about that :(

This is a great, albeit slightly discouraging, explanation. I agree with your conclusion though: more upvotes on quality posts, and very few if any on comments. Thanks for the clear explanation.

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Thanks for the clear explanation.

It was really @exyle's rather than mine but I'm glad you found it helpful. 😊

Yep it is a shame about the comments. I used to use my upvote to order the comments in terms of relevance to the post topic but I think those days are gone unless we all buy a shed load more steem.

Steemit.com was only ever supposed to be a proof of concept. That is why it is still a minimal viable product and virtually no development of the front end.

Have a great weekend Gillian and thanks for the prompt earlier. We all need an editor occasionally lol

Stinc had no intention to get into the whole social media thing and in the future I'm pretty sure they will sunset the website as the other Dapps like Busy etc take over.

I think it would need to be more of a warehouse load of steem rather than a shed load.

Even people like Exyle who has masses compared with most of us is changing how he votes on comments.

I get that it was proof of concept but it's a shame that when it did so well in terms of community building, they didn't take advantage of that on build on it.

I think you're right about them sunseting the website eventually but there are plenty of other options. i personally prefer Steemit to the others as it's simpler. Apart from the busy upvote of course! 😁


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Ugh. Well... It is what it is, I guess.

I'm a little behind but I did kind of understand what you said and plan on adjusting my ways too. Thank you.

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