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I'm sure I'm not the only one that has no fucking clue what's going on with this TRON shit and Justin Sun-ova-bitch, until I read multiple Steem posts about it. So can you please just elaborate as much as possible in your posts so people don't have to read five or six to figure out WTF is going on?

Thank you.

This shit post has been brought to you by the letter Q, for Questioning WTF is going on!

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Lol, get what you mean. The problem is those who follow all the developments don't have much time to dedicate for summaries and update just on bits and pieces as they come. But some have written and recorded recaps over the course of week. I also wrote a post on how this mess went down the first weeks. Justineh recorded pretty good overview of all the main events. Many witnesses have written longer updates as well.

Yeah, I've been trying to keep up a bit, but it seems like I get lost all over again every few days.

Like the virus, the details are changing every day, too.

The problem is that justin is a complete backtracking sociopath so nothing that he says matches anything that he does... at all.

After another meeting where he gives out his empty platitudes of positivity Donald Trump-style, he removes huge delegations to all those fighting spam and fraud giving free reign to the Steem of Old and battering projects such as SteemPress and DTube, whilst delegating to justyy for... reasons unknown.

His own spokesman outright stated that he supported the action of witnesses, Justin's twitter fills up with conspiracies about the code that are absolute lies, then blocks all notable people including the second-largest stakeholder, Dan.

This shows he obviously cares about the platform while not actually signing in at all in the last 8-9 days.

He says he will remove his witnesses once he can be promised that things that are impossible to promise can never happen again, can never happen again, meanwhile voting non-sock-puppet witnesses that have basically bowed down to him, so we now will see an increase of witnesses that are barely a day old, and voted by less than a few dozen accounts right into the top 20 in an effor to more sustainably take control of the whole network for himself.

Meanwhile, the obvious death of Steem is leading to many working on new forks and entire new chains, moving to Dan Larimer's 'Voice', 'EOS' and so on as second homes because the only other choice is to suck up to a new malevolent dictator under a completely centralised social network designed and catered to Spam and Gambling.

That about sums it up

Well that's more than I expected in my comment section.
Thanks. Now I see Justin Sun as a Trumpian wanna-be dictator.

Steemizen is the one I like, but Steemian is most common.