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RE: Was There A Contract?

in #steemit11 months ago

So, it is OK to lie to us because lawyers?

 11 months ago 

Who said anything about lawyers? I'm talking about generally accepted definitions that reasonable people can use to logically determine if there's an obligation.

I'm happy to explore any consistent system that uses base principles to determine facts. But I also realize that many of those formal "law-based" system claim to look like one of those systems. And I know those law-based systems are fundamentally compromised.

What I think is hilarious is when I point out these ideas, I get not just caselaw thrown at me, as if caselaw is perfect, but I also get people like you who throw out all statist examples too. Isn't that at least interesting?

Very interesting.
Still wondering about the depth of your willingness to be deceptive and to profit from the advantage.

Clearly the community understanding, those here long enough to have an idea of the ramifications, was that that portion of the ninjamine was to fund development.
Had Ned clearly stated his stance that we were subject to his whims for a dump that could turn our thousands into pennies I think nobody would have agreed to continue putting energy into making only Ned richer.

Allowing us to move forward under this deception, and then to profit from it, shows a lack of class, iyam.

 11 months ago 

Fund development? You want Tron to put the stake into the SPS when all he has to do is set up a budget for development, if they want?

I don't want him bull dogging the chain with stake that has had its status changed from neutral to active.
Too many people would have the rug jerked out from under them.
I also don't want him swallowing the inflation by content voting.

As long as consensus is still community controlled, he can do as he pleases, IMO.
I think the exchanges need to learn a harsh lesson about what they did.
JS appears justified, to me.

I hope he dumps so I can pick up some penny steem.
I was hoping Ned would do it.

Ideally, he starts posting, tells us what he wants, and he makes the best steemizen, evah!