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The first time they talk to us about steemit, they tell us that we can earn money, publishing any type of content, images, texts and uploading videos through Dtube.

And there is where we ask ourselves, is it easy to earn money? will we be millionaires?



And this is where there are two types of people, the one who enters and does not get the money he thought, and it was not as he imagined. And there is the one who knows that money is not easy and that everything has a long-term process.

Who said money would come easy?
I mean that with the title of this article "STEEMIT is only for warriors"

I call warriors those people who are in STEEMIT for love, those people who do things with patience, who place their faith in this great community in the future, who do not lose hope and mainly those who know that money is not easy to earn.

In March I am one year old, since I entered this community and I worked the best I could, I constantly upload videos and everything with a lot of love, you take care of the community, make friends that is what makes you a warrior, and seen many people coming in and complaining about not earning the money they imagined they could easily earn.



I write this for those people, who are new or who suddenly lose hope, I tell them to trust the community in the users in the content we see and the one we create, this is a great community, I want these words arrive as a kind of motivation and not give up and most importantly invite people to this community explaining things really as they are.



Thanks for reading me and you? YOU ARE A WARRIOR IN STEEMIT

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That’s why I like our steem community. There’s true people in here. You can bet on that.

Not the regular “sheeple” some are used to.

I like this post.
Here is for those whose hearts are made of steal

Thanks daniella <3

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