Watch out for Crypto SCAMS (example listed)

in #steemitlast year

If you visit President Donald #Trump 's twitter, and read his latest tweet:

and scroll down, you will see a post from "Jeff Tiedrich" with this screenshot:

^ what you are seeing is a photoshopped image of a tweet from Elon Musk. #elonmusk
When visiting Elon Musk's twitter - there is no evidence of him writing this tweet whatsoever. There's your first warning sign.

Also, the original tweet from "Jeff Tiedrich":

is not from the real "Jeff Tiedrich" (an outspoken critic of President Trump).
It is from user @Adam88118727 , a fake twitter account joined December 2019.
The real Jeff Tiedrich has me blocked. xD
In any case:

Second warning sign:
When visiting the URL listed in the screenshot you are taken to a 'look-a-like' Medium page. This is to give the phisher/scammer an air of "credibility". Notice that the address bar is not on however, and when clicking on "Sign in" or "Log in" you are redirected to 's actual page. Always check your URL's in the address bar and make sure they're legit.

Any time someone is asking you to send crypto, to receive MORE crypto back in exchange it is 99.9% of the time a #SCAM. Do not fall for this.

Why wouldn't Elon Musk just give you the free crypto for doing some other menial task, like picking a random comment off his tweets? Why would he ASK for you to send crypto first? It doesn't make sense, any time something seems to be good true, it usually is!

Be very wary when sending crypto to strange addresses claiming to be from celebrities/rich people. Do diligent research first, and double-check everything to make sure it's legit.

I give it to this scammer though, this scheme is designed well, and he's already made off with thousands of dollars. Don't fall victim to schemes like this!

I will be reporting this tweet, and that account, so these examples might not be available by the time you read this.

Stay safe out there!



another little tip in regards to the Medium lookalike pages ... all links posted from Medium to Twitter are converted to friend links. If you click a Medium link on Twitter you will NEVER be asked to log in to Medium.

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