It’s my 3rd Steem Birthday!! 🥳🎉🤩 - Time to Reflect

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I think it’s okay to say I’m a Steem Veteran, joining in July 2016 just four months after the blockchain launched! I have seen so many changes along the way, good and bad but I’m still here regardless. I told the story before about how I left for awhile because I didn’t have time to figure out the learning curve. I decided to come back and take the time to learn how to make a home here by joining communities, being supportive of others, reading and researching everything.

I know there are other Steemit frontends to use now but I tend to stick mainly with posting on this end. I feel I have worked so hard to understand it, learning markdown and how to surf around that I don’t want to move on. Those of you who have been around since the beginning even before some of the improvements, knows how much effort it took to figure this stuff out. I’m still enjoying that accomplishment and choose to keep doing as I have done. 😜 Maybe sometime down the line I will use other frontends since they are more user friendly and have added features and benefits to enjoy.





I think it’s good to reflect back on the input and contributions you have added to any forum. It helps keep in perspective why we choose to stay and continue being committed. It reminds us of the value and uniqueness that each of us as individuals bring to the table.

Giving My Time and Energy -

For the last 3 years I have spent an incredible amount of time working hard to add valuable quality content to the platform for viewers to enjoy and relate to. Since the launch of Steemit its leaders have paved the way for this social media site to stand in a new light of it’s own. Not only earning crypto while having fun but doing so in a way that will be attractive to visitors. We aren’t a community that just throws posts together for the sake of earning but we emphasize the importance of quality in doing so. As I continued learning and growing here I picked up tips along the way to make my posts of it’s best quality from the writing to the pictures. If you have been here for any amount of time and have shared informative content, made someone laugh, turned a frown upside down with a photo or started an interesting conversation from your posts...congratulations you have contributed by adding value.

Creating a Home for the Needle Arts -

This is definitely my biggest contribution and achievement to the Steemit platform! I say biggest because of the responses I have received from the #NeedleWorkMonday community. Quite a few of our members have shared with me if it wasn’t for the @needleworkmonday community they would have never stayed. It’s lonely first starting out here so connecting and getting involved with people and communities is vital! Because of this needlework faction many needle artists feel at home when sharing their creations and enjoy spending time with like minded people whom support them. I feel needlework has come alive again and so many have been inspired by these creative artists that love doing what they do.

Building Up the Mamas of Steemit -

When the mamas got together to revamp our community we had no idea what direction it would go. A few ladies began pitching in and adding their ideas and skills to help figure it all out. After I came up with our subline,

Supporting one another from across the globe

@khimgoh asked if I could help out in a few other areas and before you know it I was listed as one of the moderators on Discord and helping out with curation, contests, promoting our mamas etc. I love being apart of the @steemitmamas. I haven’t been as active and hands on there lately due to time limits. However I try to balance my home life with my social life fitting in time for leisure. I am hoping the activity in this community picks back up. Everyone has been so busy and some are dealing with life changing situations.





I have to take the time to thank the communities that have kept me involved, interested, challenged, learning, supported and have been a source of many new found friendships. Communities give you a sense of belongingness and I have gained so much from being apart of them.


Communities like these are what keeps me excited about logging on every week and continuing to explore here. Thank you to all of the supportive leaders and members that have supported and encouraged me! You are Awesome! 😎





I’m always afraid to list people because I don’t want to miss anyone. But this is a special occasion so I will attempt to list the names of influential Steemians who have helped me along my journey. Those who saw potential in me from the beginning and gave me a boost of confidence by their upvotes and resteems, those who have shared many tips of the trade on how to become a better blogger and photographer and helpful info for crypto newbs like myself. I have gained so many new insights on parenting, homeschooling, protecting my family, living healthy, natural living, needlework and so much more. Some of these folks have not been around for awhile but I’m still listing them anyway. Thank you for inspiring me, being a friend and supporting me through it all...

@canadian-coconut, @markwhittam, @dswigle, @tattoodjay, @apanamamama, @squishysquid, @khimgoh, @happycrazycon, @metzli, @alimamasstory, @kaerpediem, @brittanjosie, @violetmed, @tali72, @enchantedspirit, @ethandsmith, @birdsinparadise, @awakentolife, @mumma-monza, @bengy, @beautifulbullies, @dmcamera, @littlenewthings, @sumatranate, @lymepoet, @natubat, @sultnpapper, @crystalize, @akipponn, @shanibeer, @marblely, @muscara, @carolinacardoza, @crowbarmama, @cryptocariad, @neumannsalva, @vliet, @mrscwin, @fabianaporteles, @fiberfrau, @fitinfun, @foxyspirit, @frejafri, @riverflows, @ginnyannette, @pouchon, @dylanhobalart, @goldendawne, @iamjadeline, @jamethiel, @jurich60, @pheonixwren, @misslasvegas, @jluvs2fly, @naomipangolin, @orangina, @rebeccabe, @romeskie, @sherylneil, @snowpea, @startreat, @sweetpea, @tahiaarq, @thekitchenfairy, @thistle-rock, @trucklife-family, @elizacheng, @bozz, @dreemsteem, @vanessamidwife, @xeliram, @pandicornio, @lturner, @ironshield, @nateonsteemit, @minismallholding, @artemislives, @erikah, @mountainjewel, @sagescrub, @steemflow, @thethreehugs, @walkerland, @zen-art, @pennsif, @abh12345, @arcange, @heimindanger, @richardcrill, @anouk.nox, @azizbd, @kryptocoin, @ladyrebecca, @vickiebarker, @enjoywithtroy, @mepatriot, @richq11, @article61, @veryspider, @eonwarped, @coinsandchains, @blacklux, @josephsavage, @ma1neevent, @blockbrothers, @kevinwong, @melinda010100, @sunscape, @tecnosgirl, @aggroed, @girlbeforemirror, @o07, @soyrosa, @mrgreen, @georgeboya, @joelai, @zord189, @twotripleow, @ivan-g, @hanedane, @wildwanderer, @helpiecake, @helpie, @catweasel, @aitommylr, @vincy, @fyrstikken, @paulag, @accelerator, @smeralda, @cafeconleche, @steemcommunity, @lordvdr, @sheilamenher, @elenka, @dizzyapple, @surpassinggoogle, @devyleona, @oceanmoon, @jicrochet, @anomadsoul, @rehan12,, @elew, @innahandmade, @wondermaey, @rigaronib, @thriftymum, @kimmac, @mtnmeadowmomma, @lil-mich, @xorexman, @horazwiwik, @borrowedearth, @mamabear72, @coinbelly, @inna-yatsuk, @joalvarez, @ausbitbank, @fathin-shihab, @coruscate, @acidyo, @tiredmama, @roelandp, @geetharao, @allyinspirit, @brumest, @ewkaw, @anise, @hope777, @barbara-orenya, @thewoolynettle, @bedoodle, @papa-pepper, @everlove, @thuban, @jolly-homestead, @poeticsnake, @pumpkinandcats, @cleateles, @creative-life, @ninahaskin, @shakkei, @watchfulmomma, @doule, @wilx, @christian-trail, @allforthegood, @kiaraantonoviche, @dutchess, @daveks, @kalemandra, @kimbolo86, @penguinpablo, @stackin, @emima, @amberquamme, @solarsupermama, @inici-arte, @kaylinart, @creationofcare, @ecodesigns, @maribelf, @contestkings, @c-cubed, @life-relearnt, @garnet1, @carlgnash, @pempumaking, @taskmaster4450, @ireenchew, @buckaroo, @alphasteem, @steemymama, @brutledge, @katrina-ariel, @googlyeyes, @steemstem, @steemiteducation, @mumofmany, @redheadpei, @lizelle, @corrielaine, @khackett, @ladylei, @bigbear,, @danielles, @teamsteem, @luthvarian, @lizgore, @naditinkoff, @redbone, @colleenthurber, @womenempowerment, @purplemoon, @steeminganarchy, @spacetrucker, @beccadeals, @matthewdavid, @followbtcnews, @sircork, @bitrocker2020, @marleyn, @wolfhart, @irenenavarrart, @barracudadiaries, @eglep, @vibesforlife, @curie, @ocd, @blocktrades

Wow that’s a lot of people that have inspired, influenced and supported me in some kind of way and I am truly grateful! I did get sad making this list, seeing some of the people that haven’t posted in a long time. I really miss seeing their content :(


Final Thoughts

I have only invested very few funds into Steem one time in 2018. My main investment has been my time and efforts. You can look at my wallet and see that lol! I was supposed to be a Dolphin by now! 😅 But hey I still would like to see that happen someday. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I can imagine the frustrations and disappointment of those who have invested their time and money into this plattform. I know that the price of Steem has a lot to do with the massive leave but also the powering down of big accounts scared people away too. I know some people who quit their jobs to become a full time blogger here so you can imagine how they feel. But everyone knows with crypto you are taking risks diving in and investing and nothing is promised.

So for me I choose to stay here and remain dedicated to the community’s I contribute to because I enjoy it! It’s not an obligation or a job but only enjoyment and that’s why it’s easy for me to hang around. It makes me sad how things are right now though. Sometimes when you post you hear crickets out there in the plattform and not many responses. But if my posts and contributions can encourage just one person then it’s still all worth it to me. Steemit has helped me learn so much and to become a better writer/blogger than I would have ever imagined I would be. It has helped me find new interests and to reach creative heights I had no idea were in me. Heck I am even more tech savvy now! 😁 This is my pastime, my hobby away from work at home so I don’t plan on going anywhere.

I’m not sure what the future holds for Steemit but I do know when you find something this Awesome it’s hard to just let it go even when things don’t seem as promising. I do pray for a miracle in that things will pick back up and the prices will drive high again. We need a revival up in this place! 😂

To those that are still here sharing and supporting I commend you! Continue to thrive and inspire!

Thank You! ❤️


NWM Discord LInk.jpg
















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Sending you lots of hugs, mama! You're a remarkable person, beautiful and full of sunshine ☀ may you continue to be you and share your light in Steemverse! 💃💃💃

Awww thanks lovely mama ~ 😘🤗

As always, you are very inspiring. You are one of the many reasons I have enjoyed reading the needleworkmonday and the steemitmamas community posts.

Not only are you highly talented, but you are also very encouraging and supportive. I'm glad to know that you are here to stay. :)

Happy 3rd Steem Birthday to you! More Steem years to come! Cheers!

You got me blushing. ☺️ You are so kind and also a very supportive person and I am so glad we crossed paths! Thank you for introducing me to @ntopaz!

Yes many more Steem years!! 🎉😃

you're welcome and thanks @crosheille to provide us needleworker a community to grow and share our needleworks :)

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Absolutely! It’s been a great pleasure! I’ve enjoyed seeing your work ;D

thanks @crosheille. I'm going to do a new needlework today :)

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Awe, congrats on your Steemiversary!!! 3 Years! Where does the time go? June was my 2nd Steemiversary and I can't believe it's already been two years. Then sometimes I can't believe it's been only two years lol. With some people it just seems like I've known them for ages. <3 It is an honour to know you miss @crosheille

I know! Oh wow Happy Belated 2nd Steem Birthday! 😄🥳 Lol I feel the same way, sometimes it seems longer!

It’s an honor to know you as well @misslasvegas ~ ❤️

I celebrate this milestone with you here for a moment... Cheers and raising my coffee cup.
You have been a force of welcome and community for me here on steemit. I keep tossing writing here on my desire to do list... #needleworkmonday is the one that gets me here most often, as the creating of beautiful useful things is part of my heart song. You hold this virtual space for me to shine this song...

With loving gratitude I send blessings in the form of... ~hugs~

Thank you for the cheers!! I raise my coffee mug as well ☕️ 😄!

Awww that was so sweet. I’m honored to hold that virtual place for you to shine your song! It is always inspiring to see what you’ve been up to! Looking forward for your next update!


Congratulations @crosheille! Wow 3 years!! You are a veteran :)
Thank you so much for being here. You know how grateful I am for you and for #needleworkmonday and it is sooo fun working with you!! I hope we will be here for many more years to come! You are an inspiration to us all, you are so giving and I am going to say it again, without you, I wouldn't have been here. So, thank you, thank you from the very bottom of my heart 💗💗💗😘

You are one special lady and I am glad to know you! You have been a heap of inspiration and support to me and the community. I have had fun working with you too. 😊 So as you thank me I too am thanking you!! 😃🤗❤️

You’re the best! Your creativity adds a lot of value and it’s appreciated!

Yaaaay! Happy steemitversary!

Whooo Hooo!! Thank you @blacklux!

Happy Steemit birthday!! The only social media I know of that we celebrate how long we've been here! 😀

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😂😂😂 Yes!! This is the only social site I know of that does this as well lol! Thanks @ironshiled!

A wonderful and inspiring post congratulations on the three yeat Milestone or should I say Happy Steemiversry or Happy Steem Birthday I guess all do apply
Even the market is shopwing its celebration of your milestone its showing green for steem even if only a minor change
I to love this platform and all the wonderful people I have met on here and do think Steem may well rise like a phoenix from the ashes

Thanks for being an active member of SteemUSA !tip

Thank you! Let’s hope it stays green! 😄 I still have high hopes for this plattform and hope it does rise from the ashes!

Thanks for the birthday tip ;D

MOst welcome, sorry for late reply i was offline for a few days

No problem at all. I’m not on as much during the week so my replies are coming later than usual. So I understand ;)

🎁 Hi @crosheille! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @tattoodjay!

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Very well said! I didn't realize you have been around here that long. I thought you joined about the same time I did in early 2018. I respect you even more now.

Yep I’ve been around since the early starting of this platform! Man was it so different back then. The hype and interaction was unbelievable and the support and upvotes were off the chain! I remember waking up to a 79.000 upvote from curie for the first time! I was hooked! 😄

Wow! I can't even imagine that! I think the best upvote I have ever gotten from Curie was like $30.

Posted using Partiko Android

Hahaha! Yes it was unreal and amazing all in the same!

Congratulations on three years! And thanks for including me in your list.

I have not had much time to get posts for #Needleworkmonday lately but I try to stay active on the platform in other ways. Hopefully I will get something for this again soon.

As with anything, new or old, things happen in waves. There is a lot of activity for a bit, then nothing. Soon there is activity again. I think as long as activity still happens occasionally this will be a viable platform.

Thank you! Absolutely! I appreciate your support of my posts as well as the @needleworkmonday community posts :)

I know sometimes it’s not possible to be active, being busy is part of our human nature. We have a lot going on at times. I am down to posting only 3 days a week so I too am not as active as I was in the past. I get them in when I can though.

Yes good points. I definitely agree about as long as their is still some activity.

I didn’t know you have been around this long....
You are inspiring and I am going to let you in on a secret
Inspired by your needlework Monday, I got myself a sewing machine to get started on an idea I have been nursing for some time 😊

Yeah those darn crickets!! They have been coming out to play quite a bit lately 🥴

Happy 3rd Steemiversary @crosheille
I am so happy to be on this Steem journey with you in it ❤️

Lol I think quite a few people didn’t realize this. 😊.

Whooo Hooo! 😃 That’s so awesome to hear! You know I’m going to look forward to seeing you on Monday’s!! Yay!! Excited to see what you have planned!

Hahah yes those darn crickets! The quiet hurts my ears! 😄

Thank you so much sweet mama! I am happy to be on this journey with you as well!! 🤗❤️

Happy Steemversary! You are one of the people who make being part of this community worthwhile, even in these times of uncertainty!

That was so sweet of you to say. ☺️ Thank you so much. I have always appreciated your support and feedback ~

Wowww 3 years! Happy steemitversary!

Thank you so much!

Happy 3rd Steem Birthday @crosheille!!! Thanks for the mention!!

Thank you @joelai! Absolutely ;)

!cake for @crosheille! Happy birthday, what an accomplishment, being here as long as the chain had been going. What was it like in the early days?

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Thanks so much for the birthday cake! Yes it’s pretty neat when I think about it...being here since the beginning.

Ah man it was sweeeeeet back in the early days.
The support was massive and it was such a huge hype to be apart of Steemit. I remember waking up to 79.000 upvotes from curie and 50.000 from random whales. That was before all of the whale wars started and their were less bots here. It was pretty amazing and promising. I would love to see that type of activity again. Though we do still have some pretty supportive people here, whales and non whales :)

2t57ix8v77.png @crosheille ! ^_^

Thank you for my birthday cupcake and balloon!! 😃🎉🤗

You’ve been visited by @nateonsteemit on behalf of Natural Medicine!

Good job! We're so happy to have been an inspiration to you, here's to three more! 💚

This fortnight, we're having a food as medicine challenge, sponsored by Curie! You can win over 40 Steem in prizes. Check out the details by clicking here!

NM GIF JUNE 2019.gif
Consider supporting Natural Medicine through continued use of the #naturalmedicine tag, or delegating any amount through clicking below. We're all for empowerment through natural wisdoms, and love to support those on their healing journey. Come join us on Discord if you're not already there! We'd love to have you!


Thank you so much @naturalmedicine! So glad you are apart of this platform! ⭐️

Congratulations! 👍😘🤗

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Thank you!! 🤗😘😃

Thank you for mentioning me and get me dragged into a post after a while! I miss steemit! And my silence has nothing to do with the platform and stern price but everything to do with me bit having stable electricity or internet! I still post when I can and plan to keep on! Thank you for making this place worth to be ❤

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Haha you’re welcome! Thanks for responding! I think it’s great that you still post when you are able to. I am only posting up to 3 times a week now because I needed to cut back.

Awww thank you! Thank you for the value you bring to this platform with your beautiful arts and inspiring us with your natural way of living!!

Congrats Happy Steem anniversary.... sorry for my late comment but I have some issues with my phone conexion lately.... but I want to say you are my role model... congrats again and keep sharing your work and so many post... 😊

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Thank you! ☺️ That is so very sweet and I’m honored you feel that way ~ 💗

You must have seen so many changes! I feel like I missed so much coming in a year later. You've brought so many positive things to the blockchain and I'm amazed how much you've managed to fit in on top of caring for your beautiful children. Hopefully there will be many more years to come.

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes I have seen quite a bit and have tried to keep up. Honestly it was a more loving atmosphere before all of the wars started happening but I’m glad there are still people here that truly want to support one another. There are many of us that still enjoy being here and hope to see things improve.

Lol sometimes I can’t believe I managed to be so involved here with my busy life. I had to cut down to only being here 3 days a week now so that helps balance my time. I hope there are many more years to come too. Thank you ~ ☺️

Wow! Quite a post. You have been through it all here on Steemit! Thanks for the mention, though I’m not sure I deserve it! Here’s to the next 3 years!

Thank you! Yep I have been through it all! Of course! I know we haven’t connected in awhile until just recently again but you have always inspired me. Your photography made me want to become a better photographer!! Your work is amazing!! 😉

Yes the next 3 years! 🎉

Happy 3rd Steemversary! @crosheille Am really happy of your being a steem veteran and found a place for passionate needlecrafter here on blockchain. Congrats on your accomplishments.

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you @jurich60! I’m so glad that you are apart of it! It’s great to know you and share with you weekly ~ 😊

Wowwww congrats on 3 years!! You really are a veteran hehe! Thanks for the mention! Keep on keeping on with your good and hard work 💪🏻💪🏻

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thank you! Hahah yes I am! It’s pretty cool to have been around for so long. Definitely has given me time to learn more ;D

Wow! Thanks for including me in your list. It is always a wonder if you are adding value when you post (I mean me! Lol)
I often wish I had more time & smarts to figure out the tech side of it all ...and the crypto stuff..:but I am mostly here, like you, as more of a hobby or way to express & share my other hobbies.
I come & go like the seasons it seems, depending on time & always feel bad when I am gone for awhile. The apps have helped me a little but even then there’s so much happening it’s hard to concentrate! Haha
Anyway happy steem birthday!!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Sure I was going to add you! Yes it really takes time to figure this stuff out. I still have a ways to go, I understand enough just to keep up lol! We get so busy and time slips by, but we can only do what we are able to.

Thanks so much!

Happy 3rd steemversary @crosheille ..thats a milestone. i am flattered i was in your list even if i am not active lately..i am grateful you founded the #needleworkmonday and im glad i became a part of that community. you all inspire me..thank you so much from the bottom of my heart..despite being still remember me. ❤️❤️❤️

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you! Yes it is a milestone that I’m proud of ;) There are many people on this list that haven’t been active in awhile....some since the first year. But I wanted to add all of those who in some way has inspired me and supported me no matter how active they are. Although you haven’t posted for #NeedleWorkMonday in awhile you still have contributed to the community and added value ;)


Yay!! Happy 3rd Birthday on Steemit!
I am so thankful that we found each other through that black and white photo challenge, where you saw my crochet and invited me to be a part of the Needleworkmonday community. There I was inspired to get back to creating and met some of the most incredible needleworkers ever.
Also got to know you better through your posts and you are one amazing woman! 💜
Looking forward to many more years here with you, @crosheille!!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thank you dear! I am thankful too! Yes I remember when I first saw your crochet and invited you. 😃

Wow that means a lot, thank you. ☺️ You too are amazing and have such a sweet and kind soul. I’m looking forward to sharing many more years with you here as well. 🤗😘❤️

Congratulations @crosheille! You received a personal award!

Happy Birthday! - You are on the Steem blockchain for 3 years!

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Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

Enjoy your contributions online and happy to be part of your global circle. Happy 3rd Steem Birthday from Northern Thailand. :)

Thank you!! I’ve experienced so much enjoyment being here :)

Happy Steemit Birthday 🎂🍰🎂🍰

Thank you!!! ❤️

3 years congrats dear! And i Will be joining needlework monday asap again

Thank you my dear! I’ve missed you! Looking forward ~ 😘❤️

Didnt make anything but coming with a alternative tomorrow

Big congrats to you, @crosheille. I'm glad to be connected with you too. Your talent is very inspiring to me :)

Thanks so much!! ☺️

Congrats on the toddler anniversary on steem lol, just kidding :-) Lots of people you've met I see.. how did you manage to tag them all, every time I need to tag people I simply black out and forget most (because there are just too many lol) May you be here for many years to come! ♡

Posted using Partiko Android

Hahaha! It is the toddler years! 😂

Lol I know! Normally I don’t do the tag the whole universe thing but I figured why not on this occasion. Whew I think I got everyone lol!

Thanks so much ~ 💗

muchas felicidades crosheille, eres un ejemplo a seguir para muchas de nosotras, gracias por ser siempre gentil y amable

Wow, ese fue un comentario tan dulce. Te agradezco mucho, te aprecio;)

muchas felicidades crosheille, eres un ejemplo a seguir para muchas de nosotras, gracias por ser siempre gentil y amable

It was my pleasure knowing you. And I wish a happy 3rd Steem birthday. May there be another 20 of them. 🎁🎂🎉🎆

Have a blessed day, my friend. 😀

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Thank you so much! You are always so kind, supportive and encouraging :)

Happy 3rd anniversary! It's been a pleasure reading your creative and inspiring posts!

Thank you! The feeling is very mutual ;)


Thanks for #needleworkmonay community, @crosheille ! It's a truly inspiring place to be!!!
I know what you mean about people using steem less. For me the problem is that it seems to be getting more and more complicated, which means time consuming...

Posted using Partiko Android

Of course! I really love our growing community :D

I definitely understand that. I can’t find the time to post as much as I used to. But every bit counts and I still love to be here when I can. It is very time consuming trying to keep up.

Aw. Thank you so much the shutout @crosheille you are truly an inspiration both with your magnificent craft and your kindness!

My apologies for the late reply as I have been travelling a lot these few days.

Happy Steemit birthday nonetheless!

Ah no apologies at all! I appreciate you stopping by to reply. Thank you so much for your kind remarks ~ ☺️🤗

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts i feel so honored that you mentioned me as I am still such a newbie . Keep up the great work

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Absolutely! You joined and jumped right in on supporting others and I appreciate that about you. Thank you so much for being apart of the #NeedleWorkMonday community ~ 😊

Happy Steem Birthday!😍 I am flattered to be among your influencers, and I can reciprocate the feeling wholeheartedly. The most rewarding part is finding friends like you.😚

Posted using Partiko Android

Awww thank you so much!!! I am so glad we connected in the beginning. It may have been awhile since we said hi but I definitely was including you on this list! 🤗😘