Do Steemit developers even use STEEM?

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Do the Steemit developers use STEEM?

Well, judging by their new user interface, the answer is...


Would anyone who used STEEM place the most used item, the view my feed, down two clicks?
Further, there used to be two ways to get to your feed by clicking on steemit, or on your icon.

Now, you have to know to click on steemit, AND THEN, you need to know your feed has been changed to the pathetic sounding "my friends"

And since they steemit developers used up all this screen real estate, why didn't they place tags there?

It looks like the second most important thing, viewing tags you like to follow... is gone.

To top it off, all of these new cutsie names are really annoying, and for the most part, a poor description.

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Yeah on the one hand I fully agree, and on the other hand I'm so stunned to see any signs of "development" that I can only say "at least they have done something" - and on this account I now have a red "1" beside my 65 rep that shows I have one flaggot. Getting rid of flaggots would be nice!

"My friends" is "so", "like", totally fucking GAY!

But I like the notifications thing so far, and I get the impression they are keen to fuck around with the front end - the platform was stagnant, so I'm going to just accept that they will make some mistakes for a while - hell it's not like the last clowns did a good job of anything - nothing has improved since early 2017


i totally should have put something in about "they did something" (jaw drop)


i noticed that. Really annoying it is, in multiple ways.

Having a red flag count is sort of like having a really dumb face tattoo (well any sort of face tattoo really)


It actually means you are one of the blacklists. Looks like buildawhale. But since it isn't a bot anymore... I am not sure who else uses it for what. Just fyi.

Remember that time I posted a bunch of pics to troll some numpties and you told me off for being a dick?

That was what I was flagged for - what that has to do with a defunct votebot I have no idea.

I'm not too bothered but that is a dumb thing to stick on the interface. Hell, I mostly use my frot account anyway.

I'm actually pretty open minded about this so far - I would ask your opinion but you are ALWAYS open minded.

I long for the day when you say something like "I LIKED IT JUST THE WAY IT WAS - IF IT AINT BROKE DON'T FUCKING FIX IT" - I know you must get tempted - LET RIP and I'll give you a 1 Steem Tip!


Haha, I've been making everyone mad lately. :)

I don't care about the interface. I would have done some things differently, but I agree THEY DID A THING.

Want to know how I've been making everyone mad.... I have been yelling at them for being mad all the time.

I have finally lost my shit with mad people. It is rubbing off on me, fucking throw a damn fit for every damn thing and then when something important comes up, the fits don't matter anymore, because every threw so many dumb fits no one cares anymore.

I feel like a moderate democrat might feel. For Fucks Sake .

Anyway, hi!


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I'll sort you out if sift666 is going to scam you !tip 1

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this just in

Seems your expectations are quite low already :)

Maybe they are still in the middle of making changes/developing the site...who knows I guess. Its still a work in progress, so I wouldn't get too fussed about it. Just use the other interfaces lol.

"THEY" - our OWNERS? Fuck this shit. Leave Steemit alone. I despise having well-meaning GOVERNORS changing things around for the governed.

Well, you can always create you own fork of steem :P Best way to change what you don't like is to make it happen yourself if possible. If you have the skills to either do it yousrself, or have connections that can do it of course. I like the new friends feed, because I don't have any lol.

nope, I am an artist and I use paint and pens and pencils - not digital. So I am a victim to their whims.

I've always had problems with Steempeak and hate Busy so Steemit is my default - but I fully agree - while I'm not impressed with a few things, I'm very happy they have fixed the image attachment so it goes at the bottom not where the cursor is which really sucked before. So I'm pretty happy so far.

But I want a privacy scarf


So is that Ned or Justin?



Most likely. However, i have never pushed an interface change without thoroughly testing and pretty much being done.

However, this interface looks half-ass. The new tabs... some are redundant, and some just make no sense.
So, i hope they will be taking feedback and fixing this... thing.

I can't disagree with you there.

That's why I use SteemPeak all the time. But you might want to have a look at Steemit Beta as well to see what comes next.

They all made posts yesterday. First ones I had seen in a really long time. :)

Are you talking to an imaginary friend now?




I don't know if the friend is imaginary, or the frienship

Yeah, took me some time just now to figure out I still had a feed. I was wondering what the purpose of following (not friends, I can count on one hand those I labeled as such in my life) is.

Although several people on steem i would consider more of a friend than those on f-c-book

Calling digital acquaintances that i only know through text "friends" is ... well maybe they are friends
and i have lots of friends now... i'm so happy.... :-/

Without a feed we would be left floundering in that cess pit called NEW POSTS...


Ummm, i've been there, i do not feel it looks anywhere as good as this

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