Travelling to a New Place

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So today was the day when I had to leave. A couple days back I did tell you guys that I will be moving out and the day is here. I woke up in the morning and left home to catch a Train. I love travelling in Trains so even though my Dad wanted me to take the Car I just refused.


I am currently in Bed just thinking about what to do for tomorrow so I thought why not make a Blog out of it. Currently I have a deep understanding of Loneliness as I will be lonely for some time. Adding to that I won't have my PC with me so I can't even relieve some Stress and Loneliness by playing some Games. Let's see if all things turn out ok.


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Have a safe journey. Recall your good days in life. With your friends and family. Hope it help to remove your loneliness.

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I like to ride a long train. this is the time of my rest. I can ride, read a book, look out the window.

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Safe travels and good luck. Change is always hard.

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The move was successful and the one thing that is kinda bothering me is the Loneliness. I am alone in a 2BHK apartment so it does get a tad bit lonely.