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RE: Was There A Contract?

in #steemit11 months ago

Why Steemians are so naive?

Fact: Ned has gozilion Steem

Option 1: He wants to sell it at some point. This situation

Option 2: He doesn't want to use it

  • Option 2.1: Why was it produced, at all - makes no sense
  • Option 2.2: He can burn it, so all of us can be sure - makes no sense
  • Option 2.3: Ha can just give it to the community - pointless + makes no sense

Are you people 3-years old children or grownups?

 11 months ago 

I guess they want Ned back./s

Complete morons, just they always been

They've always been.
They don't think he'd want to sell his stake if he wanted out. lol What a fucking joke.