Steemit, Hard Fork 21 Is a HORRIBLE IDEA!!!

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The Steemit team has released what is expected in the hard fork 21. It looks like a horrible idea.

This is the change to the rewards
The rewards curve is changing. We expect posts that would make more than 20 STEEM under the old rules to earn more after the changes. Those posts that would have made less than 20 STEEM under the old rules will receive less after the changes.'
This means you will get paid less if your posts don't earn 20 Steem. Usually, rewards are 50/50 (Steem/SBD and SP)
Go head, help the people who already can earn enough! Why not help bloggers like me who struggle to earn? Why make it easier for people who can already earn? It should be the opposite.

This is the change to down votes
'A downvote mana pool is being added, which will allow you to make a few downvotes each day without impacting your ability to earn curation rewards from upvotes.'
This will give bully down voters a more reason to flag people for the hell of it. Congradufuckinglations Steemit, for looking out for your bloggers. sarcasm If I become a target of being bully flagged, I will probably have no choice but to power down and leave Steemit.

Why should someone flag me and take my hard-earned rewards just because they have a beef with me and not because my content is stolen, spam, misleading, harassment, etc an actual offense that deserves a flag? Last year I made a post suggesting there be where you have to pick a reason why you're flagging a post. Someone flagged it and I lost ALL of my rewards. SO this is what you want, Steemit?
To endorse bullying flagging? You're making it EASIER for these people to abuse the system.
You call this a decentralized platform with no censorship. You are contradicting being decentralized by allowing bullying flags knocking a post to oblivion. Don't you think that's censorship? YT may not be what it used to, at least down votes on there don't hurt your videos rank

The blog about Steemit's hard fork can be found here:

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madam just leave steemit and join steem-engine tribes

Got a link to their site?

Posted using Partiko Android will let you access all tribes and tags from one awesome location ;)

And I hope you realise that decentralization and not being censored also means that all users are free to do as they wish with their votes ;)

Downvoting is like the Yin to the Yang - a way to balance the reward pool as one sees fit. It is not only for spam, plagiarism etc. but a way to lower the rewards on a post for whatever reason. The reward pool both belongs to me and also everyone else who stakes SP... If I don't like something you said, and because I am a jealous spiteful person I don't think that post you made should reward you that much -- sorry, taking my rewards away from you and putting them back in the pool! -downvote-

The payout never truly belongs to you until it's paid out to your wallet.

Note: the above was only a worse-case example, I'm not saying I agree or that I'd act that way - only explaining why it is the way it is.

In that case if i become a bully flag victim and their votes take my rewards i will have no choice but to power down and leave Steemit. I struggle as it is to earn only for the bullies to make it worse.

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You can use instead or I think palnet sofar is the best. Many of the others have one specific theme. 💕

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We already have big fish flagging people and doing so with every post of them. Just be careful to whom you say what 🤔😞💕

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Gonna be extra careful with who I interact with.

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Check who they are.
Do not vote if a post is not 5 minutes old, do not vote comments but posts. This is the biggest win for you and writer.

There are some contests running. See my account. Perhaps you like to join?

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