Stammtisch Meetup Austria 🇦🇹 1st anniversary for me

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Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words... said Otto @thermoplastic , from a view of a real artist.


After Viki @vikisecrets and i were talking about some flag God who loves to flag Steem lazy writers ( like me and Viki ) Hmmm... maybe i wasn’t DEUTSCH enough to use #deutsch ? 😂

Who cares! We had an awesome time

Christoph @manncpt were totally busy, last week he had to mentor 52 Students.😲


Matt @mattgroening was there with his younger brother Phil @lezphilennd... Matt saids our table number’108’is a HOLY number, well i like a bit holy things for my 1 Year Stammtisch everyone has got a free drink from auntie Cat 🍻


We have met a new guy ‘Henri‘ from cryptocurrency meetup group... he own some BTC and ETH but Steem is for him a new world. Anyway he has become our photographer last night, thank you Henri!


The drink was good, the food was delicious and the chat was amazing as always... and i was happy to be there after being very busy and could not attend the last meetup.


Time flies... one year past and we are still around trough this up and down crypto roller coaster. The ride was an excitement with you my Steem friends.

Forever Happy, see you again all 💕🍻

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Great food, great people, great meetup. Excellent! May you have many more. 😊

Thank you Vince 🌻

👍 😊

@tipu curate

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super photos auntie Cat 😻 - cheers 🍻!
Our table, holy number 108 - I said it is holy because the number has a hole in the middle ..... yes, we somehow made it sort of last minute to get that Stammtisch together. Hopefully more next time!
Your photos complement the few I took: posted here. But Henri wanted to stay anonymous, so most pics I took I could not post.

Thank you for sharing Otto , you are great as always 🌻

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Nice post, it were actually 56 students ... Now there are 33 left. Today I evaluate the last group after signing 3h hours evaluations & certificates yesterday... Then it's over. ;)

Don’t know how you can handle all but i guess the spirit of the true mentor is stronger. Hopefully Jean is doing well too.

@jnmarteau is in Brussels now, so I need to handle them here without him, but he is remotely available.

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happy steem anniversary ^^

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Thank you 💕

Thx to Henri for taking the pics, taking and editing pics can also be hard work 😸

Haha, not if you have a good App 😸