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RE: Binance starts a full power down

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Principally, I fully agree with the view on property rights as @lukestokes describes it here:

But the longer @justinsunsteemit keeps voting for his sock puppet witnesses, the more I am OK with the witnesses sending the Steemit Inc assets to @null.

The developers at Steemit Inc that we knew to have the interests of the Steem community at heart all have resigned. Steemit Inc is a threat to the survival of Steem. The longer we wait for Steemit Inc to develop features or to responsibly take care of on-boarding new users, the longer progress on this platform is at a stand-still.

I'm really getting pretty tired with the continuous assault from Justin on the community.


The moment they hacked the exchanges they proved to me and I'm sure others that they don't give a fuck about consensus or the future of this project.