Steeminvite is Seriously Amazing and Everyone Needs to Know it Exists

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I've known about Steeminvite for a long time, but I've just started to use it. Up until now I haven't been all that confident about inviting people to Steem to be honest, but with Communities out I'm ready to start bringing people on.

So first off a little prerequisite knowledge. In case you don't know, you can claim accounts without making them with your resource credits. You can do it on Steempeak or with Steemworld and probably a few other ways(including Steeminvite), but I prefer Steemworld. It lets you claim multiple accounts at once and in general is just really fast and easy.

Claiming an account basically claims your right to create an account at any time. I have about 127 claimed now. Some larger stakeholders have thousands.

Once you've claimed an or some accounts you can use Steeminvite to create a link that you can send to someone via PM or email that will walk them through the process of creating a Steem account.

What's even cooler is you can create a link that has a specified number of accounts to give away, so you could leave that link somewhere and the first 15 to click the link will get their free accounts and you can go from there. Also what's cool is that you still have to approve the accounts so you can see who's created their accounts.

There are also options to automatically delegate some SP to these new accounts that you create.

So for example, I've started to reach out on FB first creating a post linking back to OnChainArt asking people to join my art community, then I used Steeminvite to create a link good for 15 accounts which I also attached in the same message. I've onboarded a user within a day of doing this.

So for all you large stakeholders that have tons of accounts claimed, you can share these links with trusted community members for them to be able to share in their non-Steem network circles. You can make them in batches. Give x person a 10 account link, give y person a 5 account link I think it's a way we can bring people on quickly and easily or rather as easy as currently possible on Steem. Check out Steeminvite if you're not familiar with it and familiarize yourself with it. The time is now to get the world involved in Steem. We've got a long way to go still, but I think we've hit true MVP status where we can get people and keep them if we all work together.

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I would love to introduce more of my fellow sculptors to Steem and now with communities it seems like it time. Unfortunately my voting power isn't great to support them in the early days and until we know more about the Justin Sun situation I think I'll have to wait a bit longer but I have set up my own community for Ephemeral arts called Ephemerality which I'll be talking about more soon.
Your post is great info to have going forward. The more communities we can attract to Steem the better.

@pharesim does good work :)

Just checked out the link, not a friendly UI. Why does it say loggedout.username??