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I found out about this initiative, because some of the wonderful folk that I follow have taken part. I have been a bit poorly of late and as a result I have not been as active on here as I usually am. But I was inspired to write after reading their entries. So here I am, attempting to write about some of the awesome people on here, just writing about a few is going to be hard, so I have a strategy of sorts in place.

I really love the diversity on here, because once you get settled in and start to explore the platform, you discover that there are so many talented and knowledgeable folk on here. So many amazing souls to connect with and to share and learn with. From the arts, to crypto, to eco living, to philosophy, to natural medicine and then some.

When I first joined, I searched for those who I believed that I could relate to, those who had similar morals to me. But after a while I remembered that the greatest learning comes from those who are the most different from me, on the surface anyhow, because when you strip everything away, we are all the same.

So I want to introduce some of the wonderfully diverse people that I follow on here, starting with those in the:

This man is such a talented sculptor, be it in sand, ice or snow. I have been constantly blown away by his talent. He recently done a vlog about his work on an Ice Hotel In Switzerland and it was amazing. I love to follow his work and share it with my girls who are as equally amazed as I am.

I love music and I have quite a fondness for experimental music and boy does @vachemorte make great tunes. He loves to play around with different sounds and he is a great musician. His music tells a story and it always transports me to another place or time, which is exactly what good music should do.

I love to be out in nature, to explore the wilderness and every time I look at @oldmans photos I feel like I am right there with him. He hikes a lot and he loves to share those hikes with us all, and the places he has been to are so stunning, it makes my heart sing every time I look at his posts, what a celebration of Nature.

Rowan is a seriously talented wordsmith, from the stories he writes to the spoken word that he performs on here, I am a huge fan of his work and I love to read everything that he creates. He has such a magical way with words and a crazy imagination.

@warpedpoetic is another wonderful writer on the platform. He pours himself into his writing and his poems and stories have moved me to tears at times. He expresses himself so beautifully.

Wes is another wonderful photographer, his talent is pretty impressive and he has a wonderful eye for capturing the human/ animal spirit in his photography . He also runs the wonderful deranged photo contest on here.

For all things crypto and steem related I follow
@taskmaster4450. I love his positivity and optimism around Steem. He is on the ball when he takes about this being the age of abundance that is for sure. I am sure he has kept quite a few of us active on here because of that.

Eco Living
Alex was someone who I came across in my early days, he created the ecotrain and I as so eager to become a part of it when I first joined steemit, everything that community stood for really spoke to me. Alex is so passionate about making the world a better place, about educating others and also helping to heal us all. He is creating a eco village, just like he said he would, whilst also running a NVC workshop on here for those who are interested in Non Violent Communication. He brings so much value to this platform.

Is another one who is creating an eco village, who is opening up his land to others to join him and his family so that they can live in harmony with the earth. He is someone who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. He has been super busy of late, but I always try and connect with him. We have very similar values and I really appreciate his feedback.

@porters is full of so much wisdom. Her writing is so inviting and so, so empowering. She loves to share the many ways in which we can become more mindful, more aware and more connected. I always feel so content after reading her posts.

Man this guy, he writes the most amazing insightful articles. He certainly does his research and puts so much into what he posts.His truth resonates with me so much. He also writes a weekly post sharing music and used to write some amazing walk with me posts. I turn to @perceptualflaws when I want to educate myself and expand my mind.

Kenny is another person who puts so much into what he writes. He has certainly done his research and his posts always show me how important it is to be informed and stay informed. I share pretty similar views to him, so I am always inspired and encouraged when I read his posts.

@fenngen has not been on here that long, but his style of writing really appeals to me. He is so honest and real and I find that so refreshing. He writes what is on his mind and is not afraid to share the many parts of who he is.

I love this Warrior Women. She is simply amazing, her energy and passion for the natural medicine community is so infectious and her writing is just simply stunning in my eyes. Is there nothing this woman can not do, seriously though! She has been such a rock for me and I can not wait to meet her for real later this year. Feeling very lucky indeed.

I have so much admiration for this amazing Lady, she gives so much of herself to her work and towards helping the Karen Community in Northern Thailand. She inspires me so much. I am so happy to have connected with her on her, her feedback is always so invaluable.

@vincentnijman and @whatamidoing
I am putting these two together cos they have a great podcast going on at the moment which they share on Steemit. But they also could not be more different (on the surface that is), well besides the fact that they are both crazy talented. Vincent likes his own space whereas @whatamidoing is always on the look out for community (although he has found a great one on here). I love to follow them both cos they are just great guys, they make me laugh and they have both supported and lifted me up. I hope to get to sit with them both one day.

I could go on and on, every time I wrote about someone, I would remember somebody else. I was only meant to write about 3 or more people, but hey there are just too many amazing folk on here. I love my community on here, my tribe. There are 4 folk that I hope get active again soon and they are @elamental (hope all is well with you brother, sending you love), @mountainjewel, (I miss you two crazy talented people), @solarsupermama (I sure do miss this super mama's wisdom ) and @walkerland (she writes and creates the most beautiful posts and she is another lady who really inspires me).

Before I finish I have to mention @minismallholding,who as well as writing great contend has created the homeedders account, I really appreciate having this community on here and @crosheille and @canadian-coconut, two more amazing women on here who have supported me in so many ways and who also inspire me with there devotion to both family and this platform.

Okay that's me, I will quit before I remember some of the many others I follow on here.

8 Pillars of TribeSteemUp


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What a wonderful post! You have mentioned a lot of interesting people I have not met yet and thank you for kindly mentioning me!
I do love this initiative for I finding more wonderful steemians and finding out things about some of the folks i already know here!
Thanks for sharing!

How could I not @porters you are amazing xxxx

@tipu curate

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

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Another awesome list of people on steem and I'm going to have to start following taskmaster after reading your descriptions (which I've found useful not just in this post but in your curation posts as well).

There's definitely a good variety of talent around here and they'll be glad they stuck around during the quiet period as they will lead the way as new people come on board or the users that left come back with the price increase that's going on at the moment.

See you around and thanks for introducing me to some new names I hadn't come across before 😀

Hey Nick, seeing you here reminds me of yet someone else I should have included in my post. It was so hard to pick some. I hope you are well my friend xx

Nice to read how you see Steemit in the light of community building in a virtual space with real people who each have something unique to contribute. Enjoy your self-made family!

they really are like family to be honest, such a strange concept considering our only communication is online, but I do feel the strong connection I have with them all xx

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What a great list of amazing steemians. I'm honored to be included in among such great content creators. Warpedpoetic is an amazing writer who has wowed me with both his fiction and poetry. One of the best creative writers on steem bar none.

I really must write one of these steemimpact posts. It has been on my radar for the last week but illness has been kicking my ass so I've only been able to manage shorter posts and poems.

The people I follow now, and those who I used to follow who've dropped off the radar, definitely tells a tale about the changes and evolution of steem. I think I haven't wrote one of these myself as I was unsure how to tell that story in a constructive way without becoming critical, when it would do no good to repeat what I've been saying for the best part of a year in regards to why so many left.

Thinking about it now though, a structure is forming that might paint a truthful picture of steem as I see it, while remaining positive and constructive.

Mid 2017 to early 2020... Sht, I'm nearly 3 years up in this mofo 😅

you are very welcome my friend and Yes Warpedpoetic is an awesome writer. I am so intrigued now about how you will write yours xxxx

Ha ha, well the penny dropped and I started writing... 5 hours later and approximately 3000 words, and I think I've made up for all the shorter poetry I've been posting lately 😅

Thank you for your kind words about me. My pc almost collapsed with the number of tabs I had to open to check out all the people you mentioned. Followed all of them!


de nada, it was my pleasure xx

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Seriously appreciating you, @trucklife-family! We DO have an awesome community, no??

Leading the curation trail for both @ecotrain & @eco-alex.
Together We’re Making This World A Better Place.

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yes we really do, sending you much love xxx

Awwww right back atcha sis. Oh yeah gosh I can't forget @Canadiancoconut, I do mention her a lot in NM posts though... so grateful! And dear @elemental... lots of love to him as well. Damn, I knew if I started reading other people's I would find all the ones I missed! Great selection. We all rock, really, don't we?

we are the bomb for sure. It was so hard to name just a few, well I did name a lot more that what was expected but I had too. So much love to your sister xxxx

Just "stopping by" to let you know I enjoyed reading your post this morning @trucklife-family. With the limited time I have to devote to it, just wanting to get to know some more about various accounts in the NM community.

While I have struggled with my "glass half empty" perceptions of far too many accounts in my "journey" here on our Steem blockchain, it is irrefutable that there are also a great number of good people "in here." And I enjoyed reading about those with whom you've developed a good relationship.

Sorry to read this though ...

"I have been a bit poorly of late ..."

... and trust it is nothing serious. And that you'll be back to full health soon!

thank you @roleerob, there are so many amazing folk on here and I there are so many more that I don't even know yet. I have been a bit run done and had a few bugs but I am getting back on top of it now, thank you xx

I'm humbled by your kind words @trucklife-family thank you so much for the support and your resteem the other day. I know I haven't been around as much, but I once I have these next 2-3 heavy research-based posts finished .. I will free up a lot more spare time, and will be balancing writing my book with catching up with people (like yourself) and also contrasting my recent work with some more beautiful/uplifting ideas. You're such a talented writer and I really appreciate the support and recognition of my efforts.

I've been meaning to message about your dog, if you ever want a really good tumeric based/health tonic I would recommend https://goldenpastecompany.co.uk/ .. also there is a current buzz around stevia being a cure for lyme disease, and good quality black seed oil chews come highly recommended. Thanks again my friend!

that's okay my friend, I am surprised I still manage to be so active, life has been so busy for me. I could not have written this without mentioning you, your posts are always epic.
My dog is now on CDS which is similar to mms but less intense for the digestive system he is doing well on it too. Much love to you xxx

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It's great to see we follow some of the same people. I am going to check out some of those you mentioned that I don't currently follow. Thanks for the shout out. :)

My pleasure @oldmans, i do love your photography and more people really should check it out xxx