How Steemit Has Impacted My Life!

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It has been so nice to read other people's response to this question, which was put forward by @theycallmedan, you can find all the details here. I joined steemit in October 2017 after being introduced to it by a friend of mine @markwhittam, who is no longer active on here. But he spoke very highly of the community and the topics that were being written about and discussed.

I was not really into social media and had no accounts with any other platform but I was very curious about steemit and after writing my introductory post, I began to search for like minded folk that may be on the platform. The fact that it is not censored really appealed to me. I got hooked pretty quickly, finding lots of people that were writing great content. And then I discovered the @ecotrain, an amazing community that really resonated with me.

I became a part of that community not long after and really enjoyed the thought provoking questions that @eco-alex put forward each week. I had always enjoyed writing, but I had not been writing in years. It felt really good to exercise my brain again by making me dig deep as I shared my insights and opinions.

Being on steemit also allowed me to have an extra income, which really helped me to purchase things in my life that i really needed. Most importantly, it allowed me to renew both mine and my daughters passports and to travel to Ireland to visit my family. It was on that visit that I learnt that my sister had cancer and I am forever grateful to the platform for providing me with the means to visit her more regularly and to be there last year when she passed away.

I have connected with so many amazing people on here, that I could easily fill this post with all of your names on it.(you all know who you are) In the 2 years that I have been on here, I have gone through some really traumatic experiences. I am not one who reaches out to others easily in my off screen life. I have always struggled with asking for help.


But I have poured my heart and soul out onto this platform, writing about what I have gone through, really, really helped me process it all and helped me to express my pain and my suffering. It helped me cope with some of the darkest times in my life.

The support I have received from so many beautiful people on this platform really kept me going, it really helped to carry me through. Having those connections, from folk who live all around the world, meant that there was usually always someone online who I could chat with via discord.

The amount of times that I have sat at my screen in tears because of the love that has been shown to me, the amount of times that I have been lifted up by the words that have been written for me. I have laughed just as much in equal measure by the awesome humour that so many express on here.

Steemit has been a huge part of my healing journey and I do not think I could have gotten through these last 2 years without it. Writing has been my therapy and this platform really allowed me to access that, but even more so to be heard and to be held, by the responses that I have received. I have even had people from the other side of the world preforming distant reiki on me, and all because I signed up on this platform.


On top of that I have had the opportunity to get involved in some really awesome communities. I have been a member of TribeSteemUp for quite a while now, and I love the diversity of that tribe and the wonderful content that the members create. I have learned so much from the knowledge that they all have shared and it has helped to keep me informed about what is happening in the world.

I absolutely adore the @naturalmedicine community , as natural medicine is something that I am very passionate about and the one thing we need in order to empower ourselves more. The amount of invaluable information that has been shared within that community is simply amazing. The fact that there are people from all over the world sharing their healing journeys and their natural remedies is so inspiring. I learn something new almost everyday when I search through their feed.

Life is all about learning and keeping ourselves informed. I have been able to do that through this platform, which has really helped me to grow as a person. One excellent example of that is @eco-alex's Non Violent Communication Workshop, that he has created for the platform.

There are so many other communities, communities for everyone. For those of use who like to create, there is the @creativecoin community. I have helped with the curation, which has really helped to introduce me to some of the many amazing artists on the Steemit Platform and having the opportunity to witness their creations, is something that really feeds my soul and inspires me to create more.

So how has Steemit Impacted My Life?

It has helped to heal me, it has helped to empower me and it has inspired me to become more creative and more proactive in my life. Ultimately it has been such a positive part of my life and I have so much love for the wonderful supportive community on here.

8 Pillars of TribeSteemUp


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