How Has Steem Impacted My Life;

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Some things in life are Unforgettable!
Today, it was exactly 10 years ago that my best friend Peter, with tears in his eyes came out of the bedroom yelling:

'It's a boy, it's a boy!'

Since then ...
we've never been to Thailand again ...

Although maybe a strange way to start a post like this, I did so anyway, because I think that about 80-90% of the posts I've made sofar, have a "humour-signature", so to say.
Always accompanied by some funny pics to cheer up things and, if possible, a funny twist at the end.

Now, before answering the question 'how Steem has impacted my life', first I want to tell you briefly a bit about my background. Every now and then I do this. Not too much, Just parts, when I feel like. You can also look at it as a supplement to the brief 'introduceyourself' post I've once made.

At rather young age I already became daddy. Those of you who follow me know that I have a son (Dennis), who lives in Sweden. I now also have two grandkids, a boy, age 5 and a girl of 3,5.

Anyway, when Dennis was 2,5 years old I got divorced. I won't go into details, but I got custody and raised him alone for some 3,5 years. About that time I got to know a nice woman, with whom I lived together with for 17 years. Obviously she also had an important part in raising Dennis and make things a bit easier for me.

Once Dennis being old enough to live on his own me and my girlfriend gave up our work in the Netherlands and moved to France to live there like "God and Goddess in France" (as they say).

Up until that moment I have had a 22 year career in HRM (the last 7 of those 22 years I was self-employed).
Nevertheless, working with my hands, making things, DIY, renovating houses has always been a great passion of me. And that's what I've done for 12 years in France. I know, indeed completely different than HRM.

Had a great time there. Would go back living there tomorrow if circumstances allowed me to.
A lot has happened also in those 12 years, especially the last 3 years of them. And not because it's too painful or full of drama (a bit though), but just don't feel like talking about that anymore.
Once made a decision I never look back.

I'm back now for 4,5 years in the Netherlands, still self-employed and continued working in construction.

Humour is (and always has been) a very important thing in my life. Every day I meet and speak a lot of people. Am quite outgoing and make contact with other persons, male as well as female, very easily. In person that is.
Always have preferred eye-to-eye contact above telephone or writing. Probably also the reason why you'll hardly see me on discord etc.

Now, up untill the beginning of May 2017 I've put my funny (or at least an attempt to) stuff always on Facebook.
At the same time I watched the daily (stockmarket) videos of @marketreport on Youtube by Gregory Mannarino, who had just started to put those same videos here on Steemit also.
He told a bit about Steemit and said you could get paid for that.
Ofcourse that triggered me, did a bit of reading and checking out and I subscribed. Dammit, all those things I already had put on Facebook for some years, without getting anything!

Just like wagonloads of other people who got an account here, I had never heard of blockchain, not even to speak of crypto.
I started to read and absorb everything I could find about blockchain, crypto's and especially how the Steemplatform worked.

Did my first post.
'Shoooooow me the money'! (not the title of that 1st post, btw)
Guess it's no surprise to you that from my first payout I couldn't even buy one chewing gum.

Took me some time to figure out what got me the attention I was hoping for.
Did some "my 7 best of" posts with music from bands I like and some other random stuff in dutch language. Not really a hit!
Replying on the comments I got, that was an important thing I found out (and still do, as much as possible).

Then, after a couple of months, all of a sudden I got a rather big upvote from @broncnutz for a post. Can't remember exactly what the amount was, but it was far more than all my previous posts added up together.

Started to buy some Steem.
Bought some more.
Could give away higher upvotes.
Got higher ones back.

Had I found the "right formula"? Kind of, maybe.
Slowly, my posts got more and more attention, getting more and more comments and ... a bit higher upvotes.
Not spectacular, but in line with what I posted back then I guess.

Moving forward to today.
Since my start here, on average I've made about 3 posts a week.
I do work a lot lately. And not always having motivation to post, nor the time when I get home.
I nevertheless try to connect at least every day for some time to comment and upvoting. And also to make sure I use enough daily available voting power.
Have about 24 steemians put on autovote (just one 1 vote daily p/p). The rest I do manual.
Autovote is not my favorite thing to use but still a convenient solution to get higher curation rewards. Like the great (dutch) soccerplayer Johan Cruijff once said: 'I don't want to be a thief of my own wallet'

Did quite some Steembuying last couple of months. With a current Effective total SP of 61740 and Curation- and Author SP of totally 5130 ... well, do the math yourself. The difference between the two is what I've bought.
Quite an impact if you ask me. And at the same time, a token of my strong belief in the potential of Steem.

Thanks for reading,
take care
and above all ...




The story was really interesting full of humor as usual. Thanks so sharing, most especially your background.

Glad you liked it. Thank you.

Great read. Nice to meet you @smasssh. Popped over from @dandays to say hi!

Thanks. Nice to meet you too. Just read his reply on your comment there.
A great sense of humo(u)r (is that with, or without a U?) the guy has. :-)

Hahahaha! Who cares? As long as we can share a laugh! :D

I hope that there is more of that "lottery effect" of large kinda random upvotes that help people like yourself explore further and find the real value here :)

Hope so too. This time it must be "Jackpot".

Post was ready already yesterday, but it was the 13th.
Just put the last of (in total) 7 horse shoes on my wall.
And to make sure I got my fingers crossed.
What can go wrong now?

Thanks man.

I guess the "bigger players" didn't wake up yet ...

Hehe, threw away the horse shoes already.

And to make sure I got my fingers crossed.
What can go wrong now?

Depends where your fingers are.

Is it just me or...this sounds....i think i have a dirty mind (//.\)


Hey Amigo, I can confirm that this is like you in real life. You've been going fast, it shows in reputation.

You got me there with the "_It's a boy, it's a boy!" joke, hahaha...

And I think Steem indeed does have a lot of potential. Playing around with Splinterlands for a bit really made me wonder what else is possible with a blockchain like Steem.

It is an amazing piece of technology and it is fun to be part of it all.

Thanks mate. Noticed you posting a bit more regular as well. Good thing!

It's a boy, it's a boy!"

Haha, You could have expected that in a "serious" post of mine, I had to at least do a 1 funny twist, joke or whatever ...

You are welcome mate. 👍

Publishing a bit more, inspiration again, to some extend.

Did not expect you to start off with a twist. But it made me laugh. 😁👌

Was waiting for the market cap to burst through the 250 billion frontier, but at 239 now I think it is time for me to go to bed.


I remember that same feeling of the Facebook compared to here thing. I always tried my funny posts there and when I realised I could do it for cold hard cash it was a game changer!

And oh boy, are we so glad you did come here.
Hilarious, the way you write; some are real masterpieces. And I know a lot here say the same.

Just one example: I try to go to the gym at least twice a week. And since that post you did a couple of months ago about you back in the gym, I get a big smile on my face everytime entering the joint myself now.
'I was home' and that marvelous twist at the end ... 'No seed for you tonight'

Hehe,, cheers mate! I intend to keep on going, Steemit that is and maybe not the gym, that's a stop start kind of thing!!!

Well, it is proven that more women "fall" for humour than for muscles (so there's still hope for me too) :-)

Don't you think that to this day enough have fallen for you? :-)

Smartass! :-)


I can vouch for that!! Humour wins the ladies!! Thank God for that!

Yes, you have lots of funny stories to post. I laugh a little and am entertained reading it. quite impressive to see your trip on steem.

if I may tell about my journey in steem, it is full of bad luck. I joined in early 2018. and very little support. My biggest support from EsteemApp. and at that time I did not know how this platform worked. and I made a lot of mistakes. so I did not get support from EsteemApp for 6 months.

on average my posts only get a value of $ 0.200 or $ 0.300. I don't really care because I don't intend to sell it. I persisted and promised to buy steams in the front mass when I got a job. and 5 months ago I got a job and started buying steem.

when my steem strength approached 2k, I even had to sell it at a cheaper price. because of the cost of my sister's school needs. my parents no longer have income to finance their school needs. I was forced to do half the power down for school needs. even today. the school will end in april. I hope after the school is over I can buy it again.

I'm really unlucky.

Thanks for your frankness, but sad to hear that after all your efforts and struggle to get heard and seen, you still do not get the rewards you were hoping for.
Nevertheless, very courageous that you didn't give up and continue your journey here. Bravo!
Wish you more luck. Thanks for commenting.

Smassshy @smasssh hmmn I'm thinking....did this name come from smashing things during renovations?

Awesome story man,...the humours are always a hit!

Thanks mate.
Actually it comes from the american band Smashing Pumpkins.
But when I subscribed here, Smash with 1 and 2 S-es was not available. So it became Smasssh, with 3 s-es.

Truth needs to be told that there indeed have been moments in life that I've smashed things, haha.

So it became Smasssh, with 3 s-es.

Lool That's the perfect one

Wow beautiful write. Yeah humor revolves around you and it was amazing how you kept buying and buying steem I feel you're still yet to really reap your dividends for buying into steem which will definitely happen soon. Great to really hear a lot about your son. Sometimes have a good woman can make you leave anywhere for love

Let's hope for (especially) all who stayed here during this "dark steem-ages" that we can reap our dividends one day..

You're right about that last part. 'One single smile can change a whole life'

Yeah especially for all of us who stayed imagine how it would feel when we start getting those dividends and some runaway keep running back

Man, I thought you were on extended leave but if you’re posting three times a week I guess I need to pay more attention. I’ll still say ‘nice to see you again,’ because, well, as I just stated.. I need to pay more attention.

That was a great read @smasssh, thanks! I’ve seen a couple of people write these things but not until now have I considered putting one together myself. Good lookin out, sir, thanks for the motivation. Enjoy your week—don’t be a stranger. Or, I won’t, whoever the guilty party is needs to knock that ish off.

Don't worry about it man. That average of three is overall.
But having a lot of work (and even more coming up), so that I can not post on a regular base always.

Yeah, write one yourself too.
I include the post from @theycallmedan (if you haven't read it yet yourself already) for some details about using tags on Steemit and Twitter to "aim" for some supportive upvotes

Good luck, cya.

Thank you. There’s a cliche I can’t remember right now that would go good right here, something about work your azz off or don’t work too hard. Something like that.

Hmm.. well, shucks! I don’t have a twitter account, believe it or not this is literally the only sap dial media type of platform I’ve ever been a member of, never even spent one second on Facebook.

I would’ve written about that actually, as I believe that’s actually a good thing—looks like I’m disqualified, @smasssh. Thanks for the heads up!

'It's a boy, it's a boy!'
Since then ...
we've never been to Thailand again ...

Couldn't resist some humor in the post could you :D

Sounds like you have been on quite a journey, both in real life and here on Steem. Occational posting (2/3 times a week or less imo) always makes things tougher, but with 50/50 in play now, those that believe in Steem and have a bit of cash on the side can always buy in and take the curation route. Auto-voting isn't ideal but I know you check in on what you are voting when you have time, so why miss out on a bit of CR when you have invested 90% of your stake.

Happy New Year man :)

Think you're right mate. Lately it's closer to twice than three a week.
Have noticed now you being back on regular work yourself, makes you post a little less also?
As they say: We do what we can!
Cheers mate.

Yeah last week only once Monday-Friday, and one at the weekend - my brain is cooked after 8 hours in front of a computer doing things for others.

It's a good time to be picking up STEEM though, via content, votes, or purchasing - trying to do all 3!

'my brain is cooked after 8 hours in front of a computer doing things for others.'

Can imagine that. And then set the mind to write a decent post is not always easy.

Noticed that you've gone up SP-wise also quite a bit also. Orca is just around the corner man.
Soon party! hahaha.

Take care Asher, thanks for all your witty/sharp/funny/etc comments on my posts sofar.

Yeah not easy, I just want to relax or be away from the screen.

Re SP: I’ve been buying like you, much easier than writing posts!

Cheers and keep the humour coming 😎

lol wat een intro haha fijne dag smasssh

Ja, humor hoort er toch gewoon bij. Al dat serieuze gedoe hier begint ook een btje saai te worden.

Things look to be going good for the smasssh man...

We have some things in common... was in to find humor in everything I come across.... Like to engage in conversation with strangers...

Also got into steemit through advice from Gregory Mannarino about the same time you did...

I'm retired and not savvy the in and outs of crypto ... so and leary to invest.

Great story @smasssh.
I wish you life, health and success!

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Serious Funny , Everyone have to starts somewhere.
I cannot add up as have no SP to grow.

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