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It's not the first time I've said in some publication that Steemit is more than a very productive way to make money, and I add that it's the best way for many people to do it. Personally it's something that makes me very happy, especially when my friends ask me what I do, as I generate money and other things that link me to the blockchain steem. And there's nothing so satisfying for me as talking to them about what I do here for letting them know that it's something very extraordinary to be able to generate money from something that I really like to do, which is writing fiction stories more than anything else. I believe deep inside me that it's a small but amazing part of steemit that many of us identify with, many photographers who are happy to share their photo shoots or personal sessions, people who are motivated to learn and improve every time, because steemit in a way demands some excellence from you, and that makes us want to go beyond our skills and transform them, something that allows us to evolve until we become outstanding.

Communities are very valuable and it's one of the best collective connections you can have and at steemit in my opinion it's something very important and valuable. Within communities there is more interaction between users and artists, more than just answering a comment in our posts or in other users' posts, communities allow us to live together on a daily basis and even to connect with personal things outside our blockchain routine.

From that point on it is one of the reasons why I still remain at steemit, and that is that I have been able to learn from talented users who beyond their talents have a personal life story, things with which we can identify with each other and remind us that we are human and we are more than ideas in our heads processed to excellent skills and carried out to publications that surprise us.


I'm someone who identifies a lot with art, and mostly with literature, but even that steemit makes your tastes and interest expand. I have appreciated and learned a lot with the recipes of @fmbs25, a user that besides being my friend, an excellent work colleague since we are both curators of important communities, is a warm, familiar and very simple person. Her culinary recipes go beyond the ordinary, a typical meal of our country, an exquisite dessert with simple materials and even recipes to replace our routine foods that we cannot get due to scarcity; she always has a constructive idea, and for me this little witch of the kitchen has a unique magic both as a user and as a person. Whenever I have a personal problem or within the platform she always gets involved and is willing to listen and advise, something that is very important at steemit and which makes her one of my favorite curator.


Another person I follow and admire is @nelyp, being that she is one of the first users in steemit, which makes her have a very wide knowledge about the real functioning of the blockchain. Her advice is very valuable and whenever I need to fix something or improve she tells me, something that if maybe certain people are bothered for it, I appreciate it. Personally she is my best friend, and I don't know if I'm the only person who has made such a strong friendship with someone inside Steemit. From her I have learned respect, and that is that we can never forget that this is a decentralized blockchain and that things can not be as you want because "they should" be so. We have had disputes, debates, differences and exchanges of ideas, and it is something I am grateful for because it makes me and the team where she is working think. She is like a mother, she will never do anything to affect you, firstly she will advise you, she will value your time and what you do, but she is also fair and correct with the blockchain functions, so an abuse warned and ignored by a user will clearly end up being reported. She is clearly a person who does not like problems, but the actions she takes are sometimes very important and that is what makes many people like me admire her.


When it comes to creativity and reaching out to people's hearts I believe there is no one person with as much excellence as @equipodelta, for me from the beginning she has been a formidable, creative and empowered woman with her skills. Many times I have shared the idea that her art is not being valued enough, I think she deserves more than I can pitifully give her, and that is that she is proactive, I would say multifaceted the truth. Among her publications what I love most are her comics accompanied to purely original art, and I have witnessed that she has been a fundamental basis of inspiration for many people. She is a strong woman who in spite of personal difficulties and within the platform remains active, and she is someone who loves steemit as much as I do, so much so that she created her own community @angelesdesteemit to which I personally if any whale reads this, would be eternally grateful if they would make a delegation to her community that has been maintained with delegations paid for her and her partner, something that makes it seem that they have more interest in the community and in Hispanic growth, than interests for profit. As a curator she is extraordinary, she has the basis to value art, maybe not with the vote, but as a pure and innate artist.

Apart from these 3 people I have had the joy of sharing and meeting many more people who are valuable to me personally and within steemit. Among them I can mention the warmth of @helengutier2's person whom I had the joy of meeting when I was having a bad time and since then I go from being a user to a beautiful friend. Her content is unique, I think she is the only dentist within the steem ecosystem, so her original content is valuable. I can also mention colleagues like @manuelramos who, despite the difficulties and our differences, I cannot deny that she is a person who likes to do what she publishes and always thinks of others when sharing something new. Among people with whom I have worked this @jvb71, whom I cannot thank enough for all the support and learning that I had in his community @templo, to whom I believe that in his time I asked for support to the person who is doing this initiative and I am still waiting for his personal support, I must tell him that this community more than looking after profit, has been maintained for the faith of its members and to the investment of its creator that although it is not much, it is something valuable for the Hispanic community, I who have been a witness of the day 0 of this community, really that it has been a rewarding experience.

There are many people that I miss very much, I call them "the old school", co-workers and creators of original content like @cafeconleche @unicornia @amanardis @honeymoon-1611 @robinsonlgil among many other people with whom I had the opportunity to share more than just a publication.

I must emphasize that this initiative is very good, because it makes us see our ecosystem as a space beyond generating money and fun, it makes us see as a set of family and friends who share daily. And in this way we can admire those creators who motivate us to want to be as good as they are.


Maybe they are not users, but these communities have been vital to me and I follow their activities and initiatives for a reason. You can never forget where you come from, and I think there are many of us Hispanics who emerged from a great support as is @cervantes, that while there are differences, that will always exist, but as I have said many times, everything is recorded in the blockchain and can not deny that many of us who use "Spanish" as a tag have received important votes from this community that apart in all its history has offered education on the technical things of the platform as topics of collective interest.


I can't stop naming @ocd, for me this community of great significant power has always been a dream from my beginnings, to become part of this project. There are those who see what this community does, judge us, point us out among other things, but I have always believed and seen that it is one of the few communities that values the community very much and has been one of the few that has made the decision to expand its curation as it is in my Hispanic community. I'm sure there are many like me who admire the work that is done at OCD.

If I forget someone, you know that I admire or esteem them, but if I follow this post it will get longer and it's already over 1500 words.

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Excellent people you follow, it's always impressive to see each other, it means a lot. How do you write something when you don't have words to express your gratitude? I don't have words, it's like those moments that steal your breath and are treasured for life, this is one of them. Thank you for appreciating my efforts.

Siento que te amo pedacito de corazon!! Gracias por tenermme presente!! loviu baby!!

El si se ganó un Steem mío . . . . Jajjaajajajajja I lOVE YOU.

I must confess that I would never have expected someone to quote me in a Steemit challenge, I am one of those users that nobody remember and I don´t say it as a good or bad thing, it's just one exception in @gemce, my special user with whom I had a great connection, normally nobody ever remembers this humble user so i´m very grateful for your sincere memory. Gracias tío.

Ai yomio! Mas bello! Yo también te odiooo, ajjajajaajja mentira! Han sido dos años cargados de emociones! Parece mentira como una red social es capaz de unir a personas que no tenían ni la más mínima intención de juntarse! Fuerte abrazo brot! Se le quiere!