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RE: How Has Steem Impacted My Life

in #steemimpactlast year

I 100% agree. Some things you just cant post on facebook. People don't care, they don't interact unless it's your aunt or mom lol... People on here are so different and it's a reason why I post every day almost. I love the thought of sharing my life with others, and other sharing similar stories.


We all are different and use the platforms differently :)
There's usually no wrong and right way to do these things, but it's still good to have alternatives.

Something in one, something else in the another.

Like there's many things I don't share on Facebook because people would kind of.. "care" too much. Like a person I know thought I'm a drug addict because of a joke I made. Imagine things like that spreading out as rumors? As we al know, some things are better kept here :)