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A great reminder of how my journey started on steemit platform and those that walked me through, kept my enthusiasm, made me realize I could do anything. For these people, I will forever be grateful to for introducing me to a platform which was my stepping stone to blockchain. Back in school I was always too busy with school work and unionism and had little or no time for myself, no improvement on the skills I had, no chance to learn more and find my innermost interest, I was totally clueless that I could write or have knowledge of cryptocurrency until I met these awesome guys

1.Faleye Dare

He's a good friend from school who got involved a bit early and wasn't selfish to withhold the knowledge, he introduced me and gave me tutorials on how to go around making my post and who to follow. He's a hunter, and co-organizer of euronation where I got to meet more people who were of immense help to my writing career.


One of the the writers always supporting newbies and helping them grow is @surpassinggoggle. With his ULOG initiative, I became more confident in expressing myself and I got better in all ways. He made the platform a lot lively in that one could always give a breakdown of how the day went and make more connections and friendship with people.


Being a home maker and a food enthusiast, I love to check out amazing recipes and learn more. In one of my searches, I came across one of her post and that made me a frequent visitor to her blog with the intentions of learning amazing recipes and giving a try. She's still at it and she doesn't disappoint with her mind blowing, appetite stimulating and colorful delicacies. They are always mouth watering


In one of my feed, I saw a post of @mhm-phillipines in his quest for reaching to souls and I couldn't help but stay tuned to his blog, he's an inspiration to many. One of @gee1 mancrushmonday challenge, I made a post of @mhm-phillipines and his upvote gave me a thrill to doing more. From time to time I still check his blog and he's doing awesome

5.@daveks and @papa-pepper

These people post flawless pictures of animals, plants, landscapes and everything. Clear and concise pictures, making it seem like I'm having a direct view


I can't but appreciate this great enthusiast who motivates me to always do better, he's an active steemian and a great promoter of STEEM, relentless and passionate in making STEEM great again.
These people made impact in my steemit journey and I have them to thank for molding my creativity to what it is now. Many thanks to @theycallmedan for this initiative and @Nathanmars for always promoting Steem

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