Who Do I Follow on Steem & Why?-Initiative-

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In response to the call from @theycallmedan, who I follow on Steem and why. And it challenges us to post on #twitter to publicize the platform and attract more followers.


First of all, I must say that in these two years I've been on the platform, it's true, that my life routine has changed, after fulfilling my daily tasks, as long as the internet allows me to publish my poems, recipes or any other interesting content.

Here I have found very interesting publications that have left me a learning experience but also have brought a smile to my face. Now, in this long time, many have stayed on the road, others come and go, but I, who do believe in Steemit, have remained faithful to the network.


Many have left their mark on me in some way, I remember when I participated in the healings of the project @engranaje, where I learned many tics to improve the publications from the hand of @fermionico and @gaborockstar, moderators of the group, very didactic and professional when making suggestions. Of course, I follow them.

Another one that I follow, is @avellana from the beginning of the project #mosqueteros, I consider it ingenious and with a great personality. As I don't follow @nelyp, simplicity is its main characteristic, I like its publications.

I can't leave out my dear @loreennaa, extraordinary mediator, whenever I ask her a question, she has helped me, thank you very much for this nice contact.

Another one that I must thank and I follow, is my daughter @merryslamb, who brought me to the platform, taught me how to use the tools, we always sit down with a coffee to share the experiences.

Continuing with the list, to one that I always read his publications are @lecumberre, with its simple verses loaded with popular flavor, the flavor of people.

To others that I follow because I am in a WhatsApp group of the project @topfivefamily directed by @lanzjoseg and some nice participants like @sacra97, @jadnven, @marybellrg, @francyrios75, @amart29, @zhanavic69, @josevas217, and others.

I must thank @theycallmedan @mindtrap and @acidyo, for such a wonderful contest and motivate the Steemit Community to participate.

Thank you to all of you!

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Thank you very much for the mention, dear @blanca56, your publications are beautiful and impeccable, as well as varied and very enjoyable. Thank you for having me in mind, I wish you all the success in the world. A hug back to you!.

A friendly hug, always looking forward to my publications, thank you very much.

Gracias por la mención, el aprecio, el cariño y esas poesías tan hermosas con las que siempre nos brindas en tus espacios @blanca56

Saludos querida @sacra97, siempre comentando.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Es lo más bonito de todo esta plataforma ese feedback maravilloso, a ver si entendieron algo de lo que dijiste allí, ja, ja, un abrazote.@blanca56

Gracias @blanca56, muchas gracias por la mención, y gracias por estar en nuestra pequeña familia.

Un gran abrazo virtual, con mucho cariño.