LearnEnglish Podcast 4 - Improve your listening skills

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LearnEnglish Podcast 4

Improve your listening skills


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Hunter's comment

You can improve your listening skill of British English by using this app. You can be connected to various people and have a sound English training. When you listened to daily podcast from regular host discussing various tropics, you can be better version of yourself.

Listen to everyday conversations recorded by native British English speakers in our LearnEnglish Podcasts series, and improve listening skills. Listen to podcast hosts Tess, Ravi, Adam and Jo chatting with different people and talking about different everyday topics,Source




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Very useful app to improve learner's listening skill. The learners are introduced the various English spoken throughout the globe.

Amazing app that really improve our listening and our ability to speak and make high level conversation

This is the first app that have everything about the real English. We can understand both American and British accents if we practice with this app

The variety of the accents really helpful improving listening skills.Could developers please add some material in Scotish and British northern Geordie accent

This app is very useful for improving English language.Very useful, rich content, audio updated frequently.

A perfect podcast series to learn and understand the native English speaking. You can listen to real life conversations and practice them to become a good English speaker.

I am an English learner,to learn listening skill this application is very useful for me.


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