White Noise Lite - Mask the noise around and sleep comfortably

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White Noise Lite

Mask the noise around and sleep comfortably


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Many people find it difficult to sleep at night because of surrounding noise, be it someone snoring very close or music been elsewhere or any surrounding noise. But with White Noise Lite app, you can mask the surrounding noise and sleep very well. The app comes with several sooting background white noise which you would enjoy and sleep off.
The soundscape that gives you the nice sleep experience can be downloaded and use to your best.




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I must admit I don't really have trouble sleeping most of the time but sometimes you just want a relaxing sound to help me chill, apparently the app can help you fall asleep regardless of surrounding noises like someone snoring next to you, I find this incredible and wonder if it works, but I assume you have to wear headphones.

First time i heard about this kind of application . Some time its very difficult to sleep in noisy room . But White provide some good sound which helps you to sleep well. Nice hunt


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