The Keepers of Adornia - A game of despiration and survival

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The Keepers of Adornia

A game of despiration and survival



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Hunter's comment

This is all about a great southland which was known to be very beautiful and attract number of people to herself. However, disaster struck as all the guest to the southland from the Northern Imperium could not returned and were perished. The once beautiful land of south now become a place everyone is leaving for the north which is not good either.
An architect eventually save her homeland of the south. Check out the game.

When streams of Prime swept over the world, the Southern region was left at the mercy of this new element. Because the South was mostly lowlands, the damp and marshy terrain was quick to absorb the dangerous substance, which stayed in the soil for a long time. The multitude of people who fell victim to Prime poisoning was inconceivable. Beautiful vistas were turned into bleak dead wooded landscapes.source


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The name already shows its gonna be a tough game...It takes a lot to be a store keeper not to talk of a goal keeper. Imagine being a keeper of a town..Nice hunt


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