SIRUI Swift M1 - Make your own cinema on the move with high quality images

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SIRUI Swift M1

Make your own cinema on the move with high quality images



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With SIRUI Swift M1, you can create your own cinema on the move. You can take very nice shots. It comes with easy to understand user interface control buttons. You can tilt the camera to suit your purpose.

The lightweight and dynamic SIRUI Swift M1 and P1 Gimbals provide a three-axis stabilization system to capture smooth shots while on the move. With easy to use, built in control buttons for access to several creative features, these high value models will inspire you to create your own Cinematic art in motion.source


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A gimbal with object tracking feature. Vlogger and pov sport shooters are gonna love this.
Nice hunt 👍 👍 👍

Yeah, thanks for checking . Its a great object tracker without missing out its focus.

Cool gadget i suppose. And could be great for video content creators. and they would surely gonna love it. Especially social influencers. it can be a great thing for them. As i myself love filming things so would love to have an eye on this thanks for sharing nice hunt no doubt..

Wow. Its aweosme we can create cinema while camping. User friendly interface make it more awersome to install it anywhere.

WoW looks pretty cool gimbal that provides amazing experience for video and film making. I really like it coz it is easy to setup & with users can take their shots anywhere and anytime on top of that it supports any kind of phone or camera pretty amazing. Awesome Find

Great product to those people who are vloger. It helps nicely to make a video. This is easy to use and simple to understand

Yeah, thanks for checking. That is completely true

That's pretty cool and wonderfully designed gimble to create awesome and smooth video content as it provides stability and you can move in either direction to capture stunning images with your phones. Vloggers would love to use it to create more stabilized video content even when they are on the go. Good hunt.

Great hunt, very useful tool i must say for video content creators. Will allow them to take shots from great angles and the video may require fewer edits.

You're correct @karamyog. Video content creators will find it very useful.

awesome tool for the people who likes making videos and vloggers have a great product to create beautiful videos.

You're absolutely correct.

Wow! we could actually end up seeing smartphone based film making accomplish some amazing things. I'm not even getting overhyped. Here's a short film made with iPhone in 2017

Imagine what we could do with more affordable tools like this. You could still grab the SIRUI Swift at 50% discount for just $49 - $149

Technology is evolving daily, so it would not be a surprise when we have film completely shot using our smart phones with the aid of gadget like SIRUI Swift M1

A great product for vloggers as now video making is so smooth and with high quality. Great Hunt

Yes,great tool in the hand vloggers. They can have quality video.

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

This is an awesome tool for Vlogger that allows them to capture their beautiful movement and create vlogs as well and it will give us a good stable video.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

You're correct @amar15. It help to capture nice images and will help Vloggers

Great hunt dear friend
I like this product through which we can capture good quality pictures and vedios. I will suggest it to one of my university friend who have a youtube channel and always making vlog. I hope he will love it.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Truly amazing , I am pretty sure everyone will love it and it is going to be the hunt of the day . Thanks a lot for sharing this hunter

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@steep2308 this is a cool hunt. I am going to try it because I want to get these filming down with high quality images. Looks fun and easy to learn and will surprise my family. Great hunt.

It is the main problem to have a quality images, from this product we can have quality images. Great hunt.

Quality image is a function of tool at hand.

wow movies with this look good

Great gift for people who love to do vloging or capture the memorable moments. It will cover the extreme angle with ease. Easy to handle great in result. Nice hunt

Great gift for people who love to do vloging or capture the memorable moments. It will cover the extreme angle with ease. Easy to handle great in result. Nice hunt

Great Hunt! Looks pretty nice gimble for mounting phones on the go and create stunning videos and pictures to give freedom of independency no need to tell others to capture your pics or videos this will be the best solution to help you nice hunt

smooth shots are very helpful when it comes to the field of photography :) the more smooth the more beautiful picture gets :) especially when working after focus of camera


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