Crazy School Simulator - A Game for understanding how to run a school

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Crazy School Simulator

A Game for understanding how to run a school



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Do you intend to have a school in the future or you just like a school setting then this game is for you.

As a school principal, you are to develop a teaching method that will ensure that all categories of students in your school understand what they are being taught. You have to maintain discipline as well.

As a Principal, your most important work is to arrange the teaching tasks reasonably; and the cornerstone of teaching is to teach students in accordance with their aptitude. A good principal will determine the teaching method based on each student’s personality and talent.
Whether students are to study in arts or science classes, to be assigned to key classes or regular classes, or to concentrate underachievers in the ignorable class, or to make no social distinctions in teaching, will be decided by the player himself.Source


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Hi @steep2308, it looks like your weblink isn't quite correct, you're not linking the game to the official website. Could you please fix this using the edit function. Thanks!

This is a very fun game, you can enjoy with it and have a fun time. Excellent Hunt @steep2308 I like this game

Thanks the game is really inspiring.

Virtually everything is now modelled around games. Just the other day I saw one game on eos
And it's based on the gold rush in the part

It's interesting to see how these things play out

It sounds nice that a game can help to understand the functions to run a school. Though this is something I never heard before but I hope it will have complete information to operate school. Cool hunt

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