SAMSON Heavy Vehicle Barrier - Prevents ramming vehicles entry into restricted areas

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SAMSON Heavy Vehicle Barrier

Prevents ramming vehicles entry into restricted areas



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Nowadays security is challenged by ramming vehicles. This is the solution for the threat.
The expandable mobile barrier to stop heavy vehicles ramming. It is portable, easy to deploy, no need any ground installation, it can be used in all weather conditions and terrains.

Ramming threats to sensitive areas can be stopped with this portable heavy vehicle barrier. This can stop up to 18-ton weighing trucks.


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Very clever system and something that is unfortunately needed in todays world. I hate seeing these terrible incidents on the news and keeping people safe in public areas is the challenge. Samson have definitely got something that can be used to prevent disaster and not having to permanently fix it is very crucial. Being mobile the barriers can be moved to hot spots. Great hunt.

Unfortunately we need this. thank you 😀

This is required products nowadays to stop entry is restricted read and its capacity is high that it can stop 18-ton trucks. Nice hunt.

It seems that such small barrier can make many problems! 👍 But it's so sadly that they are haven't delivery to my country...

It will protect many problems. thank you.

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Cars are totally crashed after meet this invention :O


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