Calm - A Leading App For Meditation, Sleep And Relaxation

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A Leading App For Meditation, Sleep And Relaxation



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Due to busy life most of the people are suffering from stress and anxiety. There are many resources invented to to get relaxed. Calm is an amazing and useful app that provides you effective meditation methods to sleep better and stay relax with a complete guidance program recommended by top experts.


Features :

Life changing skills of meditation

Sleep stories to help you fall asleep

Music to help you stay focus and relax

Masterclasses by renowned experts



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Thanks for this dude!!! I used to listen to meditation songs in youtube and saavan app. Now i will use this app because it has content only for meditations.

I listen just before bed. It helps me leave the day behind and get some of the best sleep I've had in some time. I enjoyed learning how to prioritize my thoughts to what's important, what can wait and what doesnt deserve my time.

This app is really beneficial to me because I have anxiety problems and I feel like everything is out of my control but when I start doing the breathing exercises..., that really helps me calm down when I need it the most. Sometimes just doing it on my own doesn't help.

I love the variety of options for meditation and the affordability of this app. I facilitate a support group, and we use a meditation from this app before every session to practice meditation and mindfulness.

The sleep stories are fabulous and help to take your mind off the day by focusing on the story and soothing voice of the story teller, some also read by popular celebrities.

Mindful life is so good and this app seem to beba great option to stay cool and calm. Nice hunt

Everyone wants peace so it would be a cool app for this purpose.
Nice hunt
Have a great day


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