Anywhere Else - VR product to improve cancer treatment experience

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Anywhere Else

VR product to improve cancer treatment experience



Hunter's comment

Anywhere Else is a virtual reality product which is extremely helpful for the patients undergoing cancer treatment. Cancer is a deadly disease and the treatment process creates a psychological stress on the patient. Anywhere Else can help to divert patient's thoughts to a virtual reality world where they will feel relax and motivated for the treatment without having scary effects.

Anywhere Else is personalised to the user’s preference and age to make the treatment less distressing.


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To be honest i have never experienced a VR product but as it is being marketed then for sure i will definitely be looking forward to use it.

It's a nice attempt but I'm not sure it can help in every case. I know cancer treatment first hand. Unfortunately some treatments are so aggressive that they are throwing up during the treatment too. This can be frustrating for them. It's a nice try though.

I'm guessing this is for those patients who are in a bad state and "Anywhere Else" offers a distraction by taking those suffering from cancer to a better place to breathe fun and life into the situation, I think aslong as the person still as the strength this could indeed be a way to bring them more hope and so energising themselves.