Fragment 8 Retro Camera - A Camera like no other

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Fragment 8 Retro Camera

A Camera like no other


Fragment 8 Retro Camera 1.mp4

Hunter's comment

No other camera in this range gives all these results...

  • Kaleidoscope Six Lens - Takes colorful pictures like a kaleidoscope.
  • Star Filter Lens - Changes the light in screen into a 4-line star point.
  • Radial Filter Lens - Allows you to shoot a radial visual effect.
  • 17mm Mount - Compatible with the lens such as Fisheye for the phone.

It gives a new feel and image quality.

Sources: Gif, Video



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Hi @mobi72
Sound looking good.. seems wonderful camera to promote the culture of recording and intuitive shooting. Giving modern digital photography tools with blends creativity and videography. Providing big opportunity for photographers with wonderful effects and gif.
An impressive search for today.

Truly a unique product, that is why its almost near its goal and most of the pledges are complete. The lens rotating plate will be a fun, and US$148 is not a bad price even now, as other are complete.

Completely agree with you.