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Plant Care App



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Hello Hunters, So plant lovers here is a great app for you. It is an app for caring plants that teaches you how to care your plants. You can also enable its watering reminder features. You can add many plants in your list and track them all.


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I really love this app, it is so cute for keeping track of plants. Its incredibly easy to use, reminders are not obnoxious or annoying

Great app that's simple and easy to use. I like that u can take photos of the plants so over time u can see the progress. I wish you could add notes like a journal to say what the plant likes or if you did something it didn't like or if there was bugs or it got sick so u can keep track of that stuff too.

I really love this app! So nice to have all the info in one place and the reminders are great. I love the photos tab each plant gets, it's really good for looking at their growth over time.

Wow it's amazing app. Those who are very much fond of gardening should be benefited from this nice app. It explains about the the methods of care of plants in different situation. Good hunting

Love the app layout and design, it's really easy to navigate and keep things on track.An AI that could auto name my plant from a photo.

It's pretty and easy to use.I can see when I watered my plants in the past. A Journaling option to write about pests or milestones like flowering would be good.

The watering reminder feature is the most useful part of this app. I tend to either over-water, or under-water, so it is nice to have an app that reminds you what to do at the precise time.

This is quite a great app and is simple to use


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