Sound Sleeper - White noise for baby

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Sound Sleeper

White noise for baby



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Hunter's comment

Hello Hunters, This app is not only good for the babies but also good for adults. Too many white noise sound including fan, rain, vacuum cleaner, etc. These kinds of noise also make you sleep. It has an features of slip tracking you can use that feature as well to track your sleep.


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Genuinely great app. Really helpful if your baby stirs a lot. There's different sounds for different age of children.

It has various different sounds to choose from and will go off after 30 minutes which is great as it makes sleepy too.

It's crazy how babies love the sound of white noise. I used to know someone who had to turn on the hoover in order to get her baby to sleep. At least with apps like this, you won't be waking up the neighbours!

Sound sleep is something which is been looked by every one of us and if by any way we get that then definitely it will be a best thing and this app can help.

Wow. Sleeping of baby e now will be handed over to this app. Now I don't need to be tensed about the sleeping of babies and adult as well. Some good white noises which will make them sleepy soon. Thanks for such a good hunting

Do you know the quality if the sleep you get go a long way in determining the quality of your health.
We all need good sleep.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all

Good sounds, really helps baby calm and go to sleep. I rock her and as soon as she hears the noise she will settle. Much more convenient than always having the hairdryer on

I love this app. grest choice of sounds. I have used this for both of my babies and it is an amazing sleep aid.

wow.,. it sound strange that babies sleeps depends on app, i think the most difficult work to make baby sleep😛 hope this app will work to make baby sleep... great hunt... thanks for sharing...
keep hunting..