SeaSee - Explore the ocean floor in realtime 3D

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Explore the ocean floor in realtime 3D



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Hunter's comment

Exploring the seabed and seeing things in real-time may not always be easy especially for students that want to learn about it. SeaSea app makes it easy for anyone to explore the seabed. FOr educational purposes, the user of this app can just point to the sea and the app automatically generates images of the seabed depending on the location of the pointer.

How does it work?

The SeaSee App uses bathymetric data to generate 3d views of the underwater terrain which reflect the angle and viewpoint of where the user is pointing their phone and their gps location. In addition to the app’s point and view “what is there” mode, you can also zoom and scroll around to explore all the ocean floor.


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Hi Hunter,

Before I approve this hunt, please update the title to SeaSee as it is on the product website.

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Thanks @aamirijaz for spotting the error. Corrected.