Frankl - The first open science platform built on the blockchain

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The first open science platform built on the blockchain



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Science generates huge volume of data through various researches but fail to share this knowledge with the world at large. And sometimes, money is wasted by scientific organizations in conducting studies that has already been done previously. Frankl helps everyone to benefit from scientific knowledge by incentivizing scientific researchers to share their work on the blockchain which is then made available to all users. Frankl also has a special section for autism sufferers which helps to manage their condition.

Cognitive assessment in autism

One of Frankl's proposed projects is cognitive assessment in autism. All autistic people find social interactions difficult. But beyond that, there’s huge variation in cognitive abilities such as language, memory, and reasoning skills. To understand autism and help autistic individuals, scientists and clinicians need to accurately assess these abilities and share their results safely and securely.


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