Pepo by Ost - App version of Awesome crypto movement

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Pepo by Ost

App version of Awesome crypto movement



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Pepo website has been hunted earlier. But today i am hunting the android version of this cool crypto based site.
Its one of the best crypto user experiences ever made. You will find exclusive video updates on crypto straight from from the source.
Sometimes we look for extra earning from social media. This app is useful in this case.
If you are a crypto developer, podcaster, analyst, blogger, or enthusiast, then shape your work, earn appreciation, and connect with the community.
Also it pays in pepo coin for your activity with this app. Each tap sends 1 Pepo Coin person-to-person, with no fees.


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I'm really sorry @engrsayful, but I've been asked to unapprove your hunt because it is too close to the original Pepo application. Apologies.

Thanks for your Approval.

Pepo website was hunted, i know. But its app. Is there any specific guideline on it?

Hi @engrsayful- Unfortunately your hunt cannot be approved.

Please specifically look at Guideline 6. No Duplication Allowed

Unfortunately this product was already hunted here.

Please read our posting guidelines.
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