TACTILE PRO - World's first tablet PC for blind

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World's first tablet PC for blind



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The first in the world manufactured Tablet PC for visually impaired people was developed by the company PCT. Blind people can now access information such as e-books and the Internet anytime, anywhere. The information is translated into Braille text and images. The Tactile Pro is for input and output device that also allows editing of documents.

We want to create a world where people with visual impairments can understand and utilize all information in the world such as books, the internet, and smart phones through braille, braille drawings, and sound.




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Pc, tablet for visually impaired people os so cool and i appreciate the idea behind this technology. Always good to see when people think about others

Amazing find, blind people also has a right to explore the world. Great gift for such people. Great hunt

This is a tech miracle, I am so glad for the people think and create this product. Maybe there is a hope for the planet . Congratulations

This is really amazing product to those people who can't see. Those people can get most useful information by the tablet PC. Cool product.

Its one of the useful and important hunting. Nice innovation. Now blinds will not be refrain from using PC. It will be more convenient to them to use PC. Great. This one will be the part of history for next generation.

Good and interesting find. It is very helpful product for blind peoples. Blind peoples easily use this tablet and working. It is best technology.

Blind-only Tablet PC can help 360 million blind people, or about 8% of the world’s population - what a great advancement in technology. And it took them 11 years, to build this, great hunt.

This is innovation in pc offers services to blind. They can do more even without their sights.

Good to know that that this tablet pc is built for blind people and this is a good way to help them connect with the world through it. Nice hunt

This is another awesome technology channeled towards making the blind or those suffering from sight problem to be more productive. This tablet pc will go a long way in making those people believe they can do more even without their sights. Kudos!

Hello @depot69
I hope you get STEEMHUNT OF THE YEAR for this Awesome post.
This device will change alot of lives to the better.
Thank you for sharing, may your health be with you.

Great invention with advance technology. TACTILE Pro is capable to provide comfort and ease to the blind people. With this innovative pc they can excess to the digital world. Thanks for sharing this brilliant Hunt with us.

Great Hunt! This is really a cool product that facilitates blind people sounds interesting because they are also the rights to live their lives like normal people and this is a great initiative that technology is supporting them in different field nice hunt

I always feel technology is best used when it makes human's life easy and glad to see this hunt which is so good and helpful for blind people. Now they can stay connected with the people and world through this.


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