My First Robot - Introduction to robot programming for children

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My First Robot

Introduction to robot programming for children



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Children build their first robot and with the app they get instructive knowledge about programming where physical play is not neglected. The different experiences of programming, like movements and noises, can be reproduced immediately on the robot.

•Drag & Drop visual programming
Easy coding for kids as young as 5 years old.
•Combine screentime & physical toy
Place two code blocks on the app and watch the robot execute them in real life.
•Engaging app in different levels
Go on a fun quest to invent the ultimate pink sugar syrup so you can unlock new moves.
•Combine Tinkerbots with other systems
Combine it with LEGO or others for endless creativity.

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Cool Hunt!

Hello, I really appreciate your effort and Here is my opinion about this hunt-

This toy could be a good gift option for parents as kids will learn while playing. What is the costs?

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Nice way of introducing programming and robotics with kids without compromising the fun and entertainment. It will enhance creativity, programming and logical skill. Nice hunt

Very cool app for children with this robot programming children can learn many things impressive hunt bro keep sharing ☺

Superb, so nice good looking robot , with features and really entertaining tasks for children. Super hunt my friend congrats.


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What is the language programming that used in this robots for the children?

That's a cute looking robot. I love the part that kids can reassemble it and code it's movement & activities.
Nice find!

I simply love such new educational robots to help kids learn in an interactive and fun way. When it comes to programming robots and knowing how to code, this will definitely make it more like a game for kids at that age to learn. What's more, this will further motivate them to learn more in a subject that requires logic thinking. Wonderful Find

This is a toy for 5+ and is really a hunt that should be in bottom 10.

This is more of a toy than a robot for small age kids but could be good option for them to play and learn.

this is a productive game to get for kids, it wil help them learn while having fun

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