Lemon Clock - Children discover electricity generation without batteries

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Lemon Clock

Children discover electricity generation without batteries



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For children of all ages, this kit is a great experiment with electricity, but it all works without batteries. The trick are the copper and zinc plates that are put into the lemon, because it comes to a chemical reaction. The electrons migrate from the zinc plate to the copper plate, generating electricity that activates the LCD clock. To learn what happens, the lemon can be replaced by a potato, orange or something else.

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I read the encyclopedia 30 years ago and knew I could make electricity out of lemons. Everyone knows it. But I didn't experiment with it myself.

Love it too much.. that's great and new information for me (LOL...I am late) that lemon can be use as electric energy source. Incredible stuff and kids will feel fun learning about electricity.

Nice toy for kids, probably less than 8 year olds, and schools should be teaching this in science lab. I don't think this is cool tech or worth buying at all.

Better to implement and try it than only read the theory... this one will make kids smarter in the right way.

It is fascinating to watch all the different ways that are coming about to generate electricity. Even if it is not large scale production, the idea of powering many of our devices by alternative means is very exciting.

I look forward to the day when I can power my phone simply from the walking I do. Although after seeing this, perhaps a glass of lemon water will serve me better.

Nice way to understand kids about basic electrochemistry. It will help to develop kids interest in chemistry. Visualization will also help kids to remember it for long time. Nice hunt

A nice simple experiment to teach children about the basics of current/charge flow.
Nice hunt

It’s a great way let your children work and create something like this , very smart and entertaining, can work for hours and at the end enjoy a great result . Great hunt my friend


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It's a good way for kids to understand about the production of energy through plates and lemon.it can be interesting for all kids.

Awesome one!
it will bring curiosity in the kids to explore and learn more. You did a great job man to bring such useful hunt for kids.

A very interesting idea for kids leaning way of creating electercity however it looks not much difficult to do. Hopefully the experiment for kids is successfully developed with this kit. Nice hnt

Honestly I wasn't aware that lemons can contribute for electricity generation and thanks to you for sharing. This is definitely a fantastic way and must be taught to kids. Awesome

Seeing this makes me feel like I should have one in this age. LOL... It's simple but super cool. Kids love to see the effects in real-time and this can be a perfect thing for them.
Nice find!

Reminds me a lot about an electrochemical circuit.. This is beautiful in the sense that the children could learn the basics of generating electricity

It is very useful for kids and now kids learning many things very fun way

This Hunt returns me back to my classes when teacher told us basics about electrisity but at that time she tried to show us such experiment wit lh voktmeter and it was not so attractive as with cloks. 🤔
Also remember how we tried to constuct radio from potatoes, but it's antonther story...

Great and innovative find. Kids are so intelligent. Kids discover electricity by lemon and copper plates. Thats very good experiement. Thats very great way to learn more things.

Quite interesting way to see how watch started working through the power generated by lemons. I never read or heard about it before bur definitely a interesting way and kids will enjoy it for sure.

I never knew electricity could be made out of lemons. This is actually good as this kit will make kids understand electricity better and also teach them that it's can be generated in various ways.

wow, i saw something like this in meme even tho i found it funny, i never think it would be true.. so lemon have what it takes to generate current.. amazing

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