Hydraulics - Profi learning kit for children

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Profi learning kit for children



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Construction and play fun kit that teaches children the basics of hydraulics. From a total of 475 individual parts, different models can be built which demonstrate their power through hydraulics from water. In addition, further educational information can be accessed via the Fichertechnik eLearning portal.

•Understanding the function and flow behaviour of liquids
•Understanding signal and force transmission by trying these functions out on a model
•Building in-depth knowledge through easy/medium/difficult models




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This will build the creativity of kids at tender age. Although they might not know much about the theoretical aspect until when they get to college but this is cool

Great way of introducing technology with kids. It will help to develop kids learning skill, understanding the basic science ,safety and how things work in reality without compromising the fun and entertainment. Nice hunt

I really like the concept of using new technology to give knowledge to kids in a fun way. This is an awesome kit that can really teach students / kids a lot about hydraulics. Awesome Find :))

Another great stuff at my favourite category. Kids is the future so if we can give them learning and entertainment like this , we get them at a brilliant road . Great job hunter thanks for this

Such type of productive activities are very helpful for unleashing creativity and critical thinking process in young and developing minds. It is really a wonderful kit for kids to learn while doing practical and interesting work.

This is wonderful learning kit for quick development and building depth knowledge of kids just having fun with these learning tools. Hence these learning kids on the basis of kids interest do they learn more than usual.

I really like this concept. Children get to learn in a fun way with new technology while playing. In fact, this kit can teach children a lot about hydraulics in an easy way. And by this one can learn many basics. Thanks for the good hunt

Kids need less mental efforts to learn new things, and doing it in a fun way can help them learn faster and grasp the basics.

This is nice. It's good for kids to start learning basic things at an early age and for them to learn adequately they need an easy and understanding medium and this app proves to be one


Well, it would be a great birthday gift for my son. With its 475 individual parts, he would be more creative. Perfect hunt.

Great Hunt! This is a great education kit for kids to learn different new things with the help of a technological tool like robotics and other instruments so kids can learn faster and better using this type of educational kits nice hunt

Nicely customised hydraulic learning kit for childrens. Hope with the construction and play with this tool will make the concept clear for kids. And help them to be good engineer. Thanks for such a good hunt

If your child wants to become a civil engineer in the future, and you can use this product to successfully understand hydraulic, fluid flow, which is one of the most basic courses.

This seems a great kit for kids to teach them the basics of the hydraulics system and it will give hands-on practical experience.

This is really amazing kit for children they can learn about hydraulics. Amazing product for children.

Great and innovative find. You can find best toy product for our kids. It is educational product. This toy help our kids to learn programming. Nice one.


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Learning with this toy is fun :D

Such a nice kit for kids to learn and it will be so nice for them to learn and understand the concept.

This can really intrigue child's interest in robotics and coding.
Great learning kit!!!


  • both fun and learning together.
  • Good for kids mind.
  • enhance their creative capabilities.
  • easy to assemble.


  • non

Kids learn things faster and anything that comes with interactive form makes easy for them to learn.