Plenty of Phish - The Anti-Phishing Project On STEEM +Account Restoration Help

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Plenty of Phish

The Anti-Phishing Project On STEEM +Account Restoration Help



Hunter's comment

STEEM doesn't have a central party to deal with hacks and abuse. It's the community guys who should take care of the matters. The Plenty of Phish project itself is handled in a decentralized manner involving people from Whale Power Team, Steemcleaners Team and independent actors.

Detailed Notes On Account Recovery

  • The project tracks and maintains a list of hacked accounts
  • The project helps the real users recover their accounts
  • On-Chain API is maintained for various STEEM services keeping them alert regarding hacks and abuses happening.
  • Backed by millions of SP of Steemcleaners through collaboration

Read Me/FAQ


GitHub Repository

Most content related to Plenty of Phish project are buried in GitHub. I seriously recommend visiting there.


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Oh this is a really cool concept for steem so I am surprised I haven't never heard anything about it until now!?! It seems like a really great project considering steem is decentralized and no one is really doing this stuff. I love seeing communities band together and create stuff like this. COOL HUNT!

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