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Telegraph Messenger

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Hunter's comment

Telegraph Messenger is an android unofficial app it's same as telegram and more than it, Because you can use multiple account and make more fun with your friends hope you enjoy this app for further details you can visit play store thank you.


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The best unofficial telegram app, with many interesting features in details, with many options to customise, secure and fast.

Great app with great features, if there is any ghost mode option in this app like, message will not be seen until you reply to them, then it will superb

Excellent app, superbly designed and options added. just need some options to export a group chat in .txt or html. need a button to go starting of a chat. and also enable/start a web interface.

great app with great features.This is the best version of telegram that i know so far. Love the interface and my best feature here's the download manager .cool hunt post.

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This manager can help keep things organized great hunt!!


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