Learn Arabic Free - Lessons are divided into category and subcategory

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Learn Arabic Free

Lessons are divided into category and subcategory



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Learn Arabic Free is an android mobile app you can speak arabic language with this app this is special for traveler who want to visit middle east. I hope you like this hunt if you want to more details then go to play store and check it thank you.




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Love this app. I'm glad to have this app,very helpful.You can easy to learn Arabic also you can listen to Arabic voice. Simple and interesting method to learn vocabulary, pronunciation and much more

This application is useful, helpful, educative, and even simplified Arabic Language because it covered almost all angles where I am encantering difficulties.

This app is very useful to increase your vocabulary. The recording of some words are not that clear , but if you have some knowledge of maakharij, vowels, sakun, elongation of vowels, etc.

I love this app so much! it can notify you the words to remember, there is also a quiz to answer the questions and practice. its amazing. One can choose from many different categories to start learning or choose a category most relevant to one's requirements.

It's very good to learn. it has English translation which is easy to learn and understand better. Best app for the beginners.Everything about the App is unique.

Please add the vowels to it. The pronunciation is clear, it assists a lot but adding the vowel will make it better. Good App. I love the way the words were categorized, it makes searching easy.

I'm grateful for this app. Everyday it gives me a word that can be used in my daily life. This app has also helped me gain a basic understanding of Arabic

These kinds of app are really helpful for Learning. So through this app we can learn Arabic isn't that cool stuff, so that will be helpful for us when we visit Middle east or any Arabic speaking Country. So thumbs up.
Cool Hunt dear and very informative..
Thanks for Sharing !!!

This is spectacular, I am personally passionate about learning and this language is one that I have always wanted to learn, I tested it for sure to see how far I got, thanks for sharing.


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