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Aboki Forex

Currency Converter & Rate Calculator



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Aboki Forex is an android app, Who you provide you exchange rates of 168 currencies, You need to understand if you are forex trader this app is just for you and watch your favorite currency which on you want trade hopefully you like this app for more details you can visit play store thank you.




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it would help people in gaining best of the profits in less time . About 80% of my friends works on forex i am sure they would love this hunt :) . the best thing is it gives 168 different currencies which means all in one now we dont need to search on google for other's rate .

impressive hunt friend keep on hunting 😊upvoted😊

Hello @bigbot i'm also use this trading app and my favorite currency eur usd gold oil and much more nice hunt keep it up

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@bigbot Hello dear friend. Many people already operate with a large number of cryptocurrencies, and can be complex when exchanging, in addition to the discounts you get in each exchange that each platform has its own percentage, this platform in addition to exchange in one place, standardize the discount percentages.
Thank you very much for letting us know ¨Currency Converter & Rate Calculator¨
I wish you a great day

Sometimes it is cumbersome and time-consuming to go from one page to another to change or negotiate crypto currencies. Aboki GForex is an application that makes our work easier and faster. A useful and reliable converter that you can have in your android. Good hunting

yes, this is for forex trader, they can easily monitor their coins and also calculate with this app.


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