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True Value


Dear Steemians

In a recent post by @theycallmedan, a real life action hero to many (quoting @aggroed here) , he asked the community what decentralisation truly means to you. Let me break it down the way I see it:

If you have a million people who potentially drink coffee, you might have trouble finding out to how much percent % one person would rather drink coffee than tea. This is very catalytic, so the calculation simply can't be made. Therefore many so called econometrics can't be applied to predict human action. More interestingly your statistics don't just become very inconsistent but trigger a causality of subjective demand. If you have one million paint brushes, then you should have one million artists who use them, unless you want a lot of wastage. If I don't paint, then a paint brush could be worthless to me? I do paint and will pay 15 dollars for a high quality brush, if it were to fulfil it's purpose better than another brush.

I can set a paintbrush to 50 cents for a million people and it's ok, because it's commodity(consumer goods). Now wouldn't I have quite the trouble if i'd do that for ethics? I can't tell a million people to become suicide bombers? Maybe in another country someone might be successful with that. (excuse my analogy, it's a more profound metaphor)

Now for an artist, a paint brush can be valuable for it's utility, whereas for a non-artist not. If I have one million people, then paint brushes might be subjective in terms of utility to all the NON-artists? I can find out how many there might be and produce an extra percentage of buffer and sell them at a sale? Maybe I can apply the tactic of scarcity and decide to make a few of that kind and sell it as limited edition paint brushes?

Blooming Snowdrops from this spring for an even more blooming hive!

Consumers and their dispositions according to value depends on Marginal Individualism, Marginal Subjectivism or Marginal Utility. Demand is also a key factor for resources, manufacturing and commodity transactions. To find out how much demand there is in an accurate way, I can give the power to the users of a paintbrush. In this case the artists. If I let them exchange a scarce amount of paintbrushes, they won't just value the brush because of scarcity, but also the trade or skill of painting for it's speciality. How? Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology. The idea that peer to peer exchange of digital cash without the means of central coercion was gonna be the future was no question. So was the internet of information. Once we had that, it would be like going back to slavery and the whip. No one would want that! Surely we can also have a society of producers and creatives rather than consumers that become the dominant ignorant mass of sheep herds everyone follows lead by their even more pathetic influencer.

The above was not meant in any way cynical or disdainful towards pop culture

The building blocks of Blockchain to me are peer to peer value exchange on an immutable public ledger. More than that, the exchange is facilitated through a network consensus and democratised by either stake holders or actors that approve the exchanges validity. This varies depending on the mechanism. Possibly arising out of a conflict of interest instead of a compromise, a third solution is sought out by the network to validate transactions. The consensus. I am not describing a specific mechanism here. This way no one central entity like a corporation, government or majority stake holder calls the shots. Of course people here that weren't happy with witnesses probably already left a while back. That Network of real people makes up a corporation by itself. I also believe that this is our chance to be responsible as humans! A value for a product or service can then be exchanged through such a Network amongst it's users. Such solutions could range from a taxi system like Uber, where for instance the GSP coordinates are sent to a Dapp and you pay the taxi directly and incentivise the system. Such a system would probably be ingenious if it would make use of staking to run nodes. I am guessing those wont probably be the inexpensive nodes that we currently run? Tokens and other aspects of such economics are required to be planned in white papers. Blockchain is not always cryptocurrency and that is also a very important fact. Using ones imagination, I am sure that many of us have a vivid vision of how much more awesome crypto is in an Age where almost everything is owned by FOUR corporations!

One could argue about what decentralisation means in a DPOS system, because I simply don't believe in democracy. It plays out differently here than it does on EOS. It happens to be so that it turns into an oligarchy, because the people that are voted for get the central power and call the shots. When there is a lot of monetary value involved, that creates a too large distances between eligible witnesses and stakeholders who are also users, DPOS can become quite impersonal. This doesn't mean I did not agree with any of the voted Witnesses for steem, the contrary. I actually thought over the past three years that most of the witnesses the community voted for were so awesome, I could not even imagine a better place than steem. After what just happened and is, my trust in witnesses here only increased! I trusted the witnesses and I am a very strong believer in the hive mind! It might sound strange but it feels as if I am experiencing proof of brain on a whole new level and might not be the only one here.

I even painted a Ninja Canvas called Hivemind, because a possible plot for the beginning of my character's story (Rane) unfolds on steem.
Steemian Hivemind This is a while back before communities was launched. Being a global citizens, speaking 5 languages this blockchain right here is where i'm home. Our plateau to evolve from was Steem and now it's time to advance out into a better and new Hive! I'm a bloody patriot, because all you amazing and good actors have the best reads :) haha

Swiss mountains and Lake from the train(edited with snapseed)

I remember reading an old bruce lee quote that said:

"A teacher, a really good sensei, is never a giver of “truth”; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that the student must discover for himself. A good teacher, therefore, studies each student individually and encourages the student to explore himself, both internally and externally, until, ultimately, the student is integrated with his being."

I am not a teacher. I would say i'm always gonna remain a student. I remember a documentary that mentioned Bruce Lee being very opened in sharing his secrets. He never doubted that anyone could go on to become better. He didn't just pave the way for MMA, but gave it to the world. Yet he stayed up to his own game until his death.

I remembered one of my martial arts teacher telling me to share everything he taught me with other students. He said they are younger and might go on to becoming better, so we share everything. Since then, I guess I have always been over enthusiastic to share. I know nothing, as I am learning and use what I tested and what works. Today I see this as having shared something when I had the chance to. I want to encourage, motivate and believe that anyone can excel with passion. I am only writing this because I am grateful for all the processes, tutorials and knowledge that people share here. Thank you!

The Hive is coming and it's inevitable ! The world better get ready!

At the Fasnacht(Swiss for Carnival) in Luzern a while back- left your Shinobi

As my other costume is a suit and a tie, I've been recently been trying to acquire more clients for my service product. Profoundly looking into the possibilities of decentralising the entire industry I work in, I am reading into other projects trying to use blockchain to do at least parts of it. Being industry professionals, I always think that they are missing a lot in their white papers or intentionally leaving it out. Most of the crypto projects are also focusing on products for the private sector to lure clients into ERP solutions with subscriptions. This way crypto currencies can be a highly profitable business if you own a large stake of the tokens. I am not savy enough to know if such a dapp would work on steem/hive as yet. I would favour something that would be so much more of an open market in the industry I work in. Transparent in a DAO that creates economic efficiency through combining wholesalers and consolidate to maximise utility of loads in the same bout. Currently the wholesalers serve Retailers of the service product and their monopolies. These huge companies are currently causing the worst of negative retroactions towards our environment when it comes to emissions. Big corporations are quick to respond to required industry standards and add a few certifications for their reputation. Many show little genuine interest towards the welfare of the planet. I chose an industry to make a change and am surrounded by reckless hypocrites to be honest. No one will ever force me into abandoning my idealism and that's what brought me here. The Hive has spelled out my idea of decentralisation whilst digging into other projects. Looking into other crypto projects, I keep seeing that most are building to cater to these same firms. As we all know ether is also making the smart contracts that major swiss banks use today. These Cryptocurrencies are also facilitating just another digital solution that wont disrupt the way they should. Maybe that's a strategy to streamline data as they want to decentralise later? This is strongly needed where I am and could be the solution to prevent the mass extinction doomsday that everyone keeps talking about caused by emissions.

Decentralisation and Cryptocurrencies is the biggest paradigm shift in human economic history, because we have peer to peer direct and indirect exchange and many don't realise the significant implications of this. Together with the augmented age, automation and self check out counters existing for ten years, humans better realise that we aren't made for assembly line jobs and that they wont exist soon. Spending so much on devices better return some value! We are here to create !

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“The stillness in stillness is not the real stillness; only when there is stillness in movement does the universal rhythm manifest.” - Bruce Lee

[ NOTE: Dedicated to the most my favourite community on the internet.]

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