Dear Justin Sun – (@justinsuntron / @justinsunsteemit) - My (@iamraincrystal) open letter to you!

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Dear Justin Sun

I do not really know you, but I have been a silent observer on the happenings on the Steem blockchain since you acquired Steemit Inc. You must have your own reasons why you bought it other than you have the money.

I am relatively new to the Steem blockchain myself, having joined through my CTP tribe. It was difficult to understand at first how the Steem community operated. But I spent time and energy in learning and educating myself about this community. In the 226 days that I have been here, I have grown to really like and appreciate a good number of folks here. Basically, I like the fact that the Steem blockchain is decentralized. I would like to keep it that way too.

I would admit that I did not initially agree with what some of the senior witnesses did with the soft fork. But your actions and reactions gave me an understanding of the possible reasons why it was done in the first place. Whether the action was right or not is another matter. For me, check and balance is important in every community. Communication is important in order to keep this check and balance.

I am but a minnow and as such would not be able to tilt this balance, but I stand with the good folks of the Steem community in doing what I can in order to keep this decentralized blockchain in good order.

@jaynie's letter said it best:

I have always been a huge advocate for the power behind this kind of collective energy

I do believe in people power. I have seen it happen in our own history.

The future of Steem lies in OUR hands – let’s hold on to it VERY tightly, ignite that mother bear instinct and once again show what we are made of!

We just want a decentralized community where everyone can co-exist and can agree to disagree. Abuse of power and control does not resonate within this community. Kindly set everyone -- including yourself -- free.



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I hope he will read your letter and eventhough you are here for “just” 226 days you are a valued addition and wonderful staff member to our own must needed steemterminal discord

thank you so much @brittandjosie :)

Sitting on the sidelines, many of us might not have the financial backing to outright purchase so Witnesses did what they felt right at the time. Soft-fork was a measure of security to negotiate further.

Always 50/50 hindsight, let us hope the future sorts out soon.

I'm now more concerned on the future of Steem as a blockchain. I wish that we could somehow break free from the one causing all the problems on Steem.

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Thank you! ^_^

I would admit that I did not initially agree with what some of the senior witnesses did with the soft fork.

Neither did a majority of the community, including me. But the witnesses are much more experienced in these matters and are more aware of what's happening around and what might follow. Just a few days before the fork was applied, Justin did the exact same thing on the tron blockchain...used the core stakes to vote in his witnesses and this is what actually prompted our witnesses to enact the soft fork.

Bottomline is we want what's best for the Steem community. I have come to understand why they did what they thought they had to do. 😉👍

Very difficult to say
they very Inexplicable

Well said Roysel, thanks for sharing and stay awesome.

Thank you! I hope all will work out well for the greater majority. ^_^

Thanks, yeah I do hope so too, by the way blocktrades just revealed work being done on a new chain.

sounds cool! Do we get to migrate from here? I sure hope it's not start from scratch once more. LOL ^_^

Not much detail to go on yet, follow him and see what he posts next about it.

I really do not know where it ends

It ends where and when greed stops. Too much of it going around unfortunately. I still hope for the best of the vast majority.

Great post! I generally up vote you but i wanted to toss a comment to say keep up the great work!!

Thank you so much! :) I hope for the best for the Steem community.