Binance backs down publicly, announces powerdown, admits mistake

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Plz help reward positive behaviours :)
Watching for that powerdown operation -


Good to see.

I suspected this was just a misunderstanding from Binance. CZ claimed he had no clue what a powerdown was. Lets hope this painful lesson is never repeated. Thank you for supporting the Steem blockchain. I believe inSteem's Immutable data, and think it is worth fighting for.

Somebody should tell them that they could also earn a lot of extra steem with voting while powering down.

It was obvious what was gonna happen, if steem witnesses kept it together..



This is great news. Thanks for keeping up all the twitter pressure on them . Appreciate what you do here for the platform

I can't see from that that he's powering down. Are the transfers from deepcrypto8 that or funds coming in from other exchanges?

He doesn't personally do that. There's most likely an account manager (who is in a different timezone).

But I mean, is powering down actually happening? I don't know how to read that page.

I hope he truly does start power down. Why is there still over 800K STEEM in the account and not being used to fund exchange customers.

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