Be your authentic self

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Do you get tired of pretending? Pretending to be happy? Pretending to be successful? Are you pretending and performing all day for friends, family, coworkers and most of all social media?

It's exhausting.

And what do you get for it? Unless you're the top youtuber you're not rewarded. You're spending hours projecting an image just so that the corporate masters can make money selling your data to marketers. And god forbid your message is even slightly controversial. Speak against war, pharma, or hollywood and your comments will just be filled with "I hope you get raped in Somalia." it's so much vitriol, and it's all just a giant disgusting echochamber! And plenty of people just flat out get banned for saying the wrong thing!

You can do better and feel better than that with Steem. Steem is a blockchain that enables social media. Your free speech is protected by redundant servers all over the world broadcasting your voice so it's seen and heard. You may even get some rewards. How's that for a change?

Come join a community of like-minded, freedom-loving people sick of the rigged game and just looking for a place where you can be your authentic self. Whether it's your poetry, thoughts of the day, visions of grandeur, or just sharing your art there's a little piece of the blockchain with your name on it.

Visit us at and if you need help getting started say hi at


The marketing ramble identified

Fiat Sucks
Crypto is Hard
and Social Media is broken

as the major problems in the world. Alternatively,

Crypto is good
Steem is worth it
Broadcast your Free Speech

Start getting at the benefits of this place and how we might be able to position ourselves successfully. I see the script above as a bit of an infomercial about Steem and why someone might visit us.


New to this platform. But I totally agree on how broken social media is. We now have to put a larger fasade, I don't see how this would change.

However, I'm hopeful on the side of not being censored. Having a place for free expresion, instead of being filter by just one corporation.

Awesome Post. Thanks.

So much benefits to not pretend and just be yourself ! People just need to realize it

Yes it’s nice to have an avatar on Steemit 💭

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Powerful message for everyone! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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"I hope you get raped in Somalia."

This is actually quite unlikely. Somalia is relatively safe these days. A foreigner will most likely die of malaria before they are rapped. haha.

That's a response to the hateful trolls though, not you @aggroed ;)

Hi, @aggroed!

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I love ❤️
Supported it

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