Guerrilla filmmaking fun

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This is all I need to go out and shoot these days. In fact, I don’t really even need the Peli case on the left.


And with this stuff lately I’ve shot what is possibly my favourite music video (of my own work)

I love guerrilla filmmaking.
It’s a thrill to shoot in any location with an actor and riff off some cool ideas, and improv with the weather. Use whatever props we planned and use whatever is there on the landscape.

With a big(ish) bold idea and some time to put in, we can accomplish some interesting things. 🔥

The edit on my latest music video project is done, exported and delivered to the client. All on time. ⏱


I’m looking forward to sharing the video with you!


Shot on the GH5 for the first time this last fall and loved it. 🦄⚡💪🐬

It’s so versatile isn’t it!?
The look is just gorgeous and flexible, and it can be packed/taken anywhere so easily.
Great on the gimbal too ❤️

Yes and yes. Love what Panasonic and Sony are doing the last few years.

I am sure you did an awesome work as always bro! Can't wait to see it!

Cheers dude!


You call that "all you need?" ;>)
For me, my li'l GoPro Hero 5 Black would suffice, if I could only remember where I put it haha!

Haha! Yeah man, it’s not a super stripped back kit but y’know, gets the results!

Your kit looks amazing :>)

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