Taxis or Tuk Tuks?

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Which one to use?

After trying both I have come to the opinion that Tuk Tuks are not a good idea.


They are unmetered and the over enthusiastic drivers get a little animated followed by some probably colourful language if they don’t get your business.

Some of the looks I have been getting from these grumpy buggers who don’t take kindly to me bartering them down have been nothing short of amusing.

Not so for @joythewanderer who we passed walking in our taxi this morning with our taxi driver positively drooling over this ‘beautiful lady’.

Next minute she was in a Tuk Tuk and overtaking our cab.


Joy is taller than average for females from this part of the world and we had to contain our taxi driver from getting out of his cab at some traffic lights to fawn upon her like some gibberish love struck fool.

The Tuk Tuk sped away at breakneck speed and he just couldn’t keep up.


The driver was severely distraught having missed his once in a lifetime opportunity at meeting the lady of his dreams and dumped us in the wrong location probably on purpose.

What a twat.

After being ripped off we arrived to find Joy already there. I told her the story and we had a good laugh about it.

If you use taxis then insist they switch on the meter and you will find an air conditioned vehicle that can’t rip you off.


The Bangkok drivers don’t appear to have any geographical skills whatsoever.

You need to hand them your phone in order for them to get to your destination.

I secretly took these pictures while heading back to the hotel earlier with @bukbe.

Unlike London cabbies who know exactly where to go these guys know bugger all.

Even locations of large prominent buildings are mostly unknowns.

We experienced a lot of head shaking before resorting to maps.


So if you come to Bangkok then download the offline maps from the ‘maps’ app on your phone and be prepared to tell your driver where to go.


Otherwise you may be looking at paying to go somewhere close but not quite where you want to be at best.



That’s our taxi, just over your left shoulder!

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Hehe, that Joy one, always turning heads!

Lol, this one was a one minded wreck and wouldn’t shut up. He spotted her before we did!

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That makes you feel real good re the safety of his driving if he is just scanning for ladies!!! :0D

Yes, I’m surprised he didn’t smash the damn taxi. @goblinknackers had to physically restrain him from opening the door at that junction.

Talk about love at first sight or was it lust?

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I will go for love. Let's not be saddled by our old geezer cynicism, lol!! :0D

Do they have to be mutually exclusive?

Haha, you are right, perhaps not!

We are a bit spoilt by having cabbies who know where they are going and can generally be trusted, even if they are expensive. Looks like it is a very different attitude there. Your bartering skills are bound to improve on this trip, but good luck trying that in the UK.

Is it a fairly long way between venues? Do they not have the buses like at previous events?

They do put on transport for some but as I have been wimping out of the night events then I have to pay to get back.

It’s not so far but the traffic is horrible and I mean you have never seen anything like this in the UK.

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I don't think I have been anywhere that chaotic. I am not one for late nights either. It sounds like an experience though.

How expensive or
inexpensive are we talking here.

Tuk Tuk vs taxi costs
Do you tip?

Thanks for app map info.
Going to do that now.

Keep posting, I’m listening.

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They try and get 200-300BAHT for a 100BAHT journey. Taxis are about 60-70 for the same trip when metered.

I generally give the taxi driver 100 and don’t ask for change. They will hand you the change if you insist.

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I hate taking cabs when I am in big cities. I do it quite frequently because it is just easy and hassle free for the most part, but I always hate watching that meter creep up and up and up. It is nice when you have to go to a fixed place where they always charge you a flat fee. Then you don't need to worry about traffic or any of that.

The meters don’t move much at all here. Even when stuck in semi stationary traffic. The cabbies will sometimes refuse to take you places far away unless it’s off the meter.

All that idling still uses gas and half of your journey is just that, waiting about. They do have a point.

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Uber doesn't charge me extra for just sitting there :)

Welcome to Bangkok 😎

Living the dream! 😁

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Looks you have a very interesting time there! I'm reading also your previous posts and wow, thanks to share with us all about the SF and the city!!! Hugs from Italy!! ^_^

Hope you can come to a future SF. Maybe the next one will be in Europe again. It’s been fun but very tiring this time.

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The Bangkok drivers don’t appear to have any geographical skills whatsoever.

Nowadays, there're so many Grab driver (like, Grab car) - They do this as side job so they're not really a taxi. That's why. The one with Green, yellow, pink colors should do better..

Wait, what was this one? LOL

Are you joining beer Saturday?? If so, will see you there! :D

It was a pink cab, and he had no knowledge at all.

Beer Saturday? Probably not, I’m not much of a drinker but have one for me 🍺

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Hm, why don't you take the bus?
Whenever I was in Bangkok that was what I always used (except to & from the airport). With all those smartphone apps & maps nowadays, it's not too much of a problem.
(Then again, I don't meet people & usually don't care how long it takes to get somewhere.)

I wouldn’t know which direction the bus would take. It’s all about convenience and time.

Wouldn’t mind another go on the boats, they were fun.

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Makes me think safer to ride with @joythewanderer then if I go on the tuk tuk which I still have not. Love the Grab app but also hate the Grab app.

I just grabbed the grab app, on the next to the last day 😁 Maybe there’s still time to try it out!

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I would take the tuk tuk just for the experience lol. I imagine myself grinning from ear to ear sitting in the back of that thing lol.

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It’s an experience, one got really pissed at us yesterday cuz we said we would rather walk. Strode off with his hands in the air, we laughed out loud at him.

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😂😂😂😂😂😂 This is travel and proper lol.

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They are machines of death! 50mph, no seat belts and barely anything to stop you falling out.

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