On my way to Steemfest

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This is my second attempt to post, the first being wrecked when eSteem client decided to lock me out of with it's password system.


We are now at Helsinki awaiting the long haul, me with some trepidation.


What you see is what you may receive at Steemfest. These are remnants of last years trip that I found when rummaging around looking for luggage.


Anyone who has been to an all inclusive holiday will be familiar with wrist bands. You will get one in Bangkok which is to stop any old jack in the lad coming through the door.


I did pay particular attention to pack the tea for @livinguktaiwan. Yesterday I spotted some cheaper Twinnigs in Sainsbury’s but it was not quite the same type.

These Twinnings all look a little similar.

So now I’m back to using busy for my on the go posts. I can’t seem to make friends with any of the proper apps.


Finland is an animal activist nightmare. Reindeer hides are for sale everywhere, or are in the airport.


That is as well as all this strange local chocolate that I have never seen before.

@goblinknackers has picked up some whiskey from the duty free. He’s gonna open it in Bangkok. I’ll try a little but I’m not a great fan of the hard stuff.


@celestal passed through this airport just 24 hours before us. I thought we were early but others are already there.

We are about to board and I’m going to down a sleeping tablet and hope it puts me out for the whole trip.

See you soon Bangkok crew!


How exciting - I just arrived at 12.30 am Bangkok time after a 28 trip all in from Hereford, which wasn’t actually that bad. If you’re in the Prince Palace bring yr own bags up, it’ll avoid an awkward tip the Porter moment.

See you tomorrow sometime. Bit paranoid about using my mobile btw... BT charges £5 a megabyte for data over here. I may even take my SIM cards out for the next month!

I sent you a message on discord yesterday. Use the free wifi in the Palace, it works well from the rooms too.

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Right on! This is your first one as a dolphin right? Gonna have to set up a table for autograph signing!

Say hi to @celestal for me would you? Same to @detlev if you meet up with him again. @steevc bring g a guitar?

Dried fruit, music and beer for everyone!

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I was a Dolphin last year, autographs?? Haha your shitting me!! The other 2 are coming but not @steevc this year.

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Say hi to @celestal for me would you?

Message received :D

Wish I was there, but not this time. Might have to write a song about that :)

Lucky bastard. Get in and enjoy!!

Last chance at replying, the airport wifi keeps kicking me off. Hope there’s loads more posts coming in!!

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I am sure there will be! Hope you have a nice flight!!

This time we have to chat!!! Can’t believe we missed each other last time

For sure, might see you today at the checkin event!

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Have a great time. It is good that many will come home from Steemfest inspired and hopefully share it with the rest of us.

Just need to find some people @whatsup. Haven’t seen a single Steemian yet!

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Enjoy your time in Bangkok @slobberchops! Hope to see you again next year🙃

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Not here this time? Hope it’s closer next year. It’s a long haul getting here.

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Nope still in recovery mode for my health... Doesn’t seem to be smart to travel while passing out

Say hi to everyone from me and have lots of fun😎

@for91days will be there anyway!

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Have a good trip. Good to see the tea onboard.

That is as well as all this strange local chocolate that I have never seen before.

Fazer chocolate is damn good though.

I might get some on the way home. It’s the same journey back again.

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Sir @slobberchops please say hi for me to anyone you happen to bump in #steemfest :P

Will do

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Have a ball @slobberchops!

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I’ll try @lizelle 😊

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All the best

Ooh, I can't wait to see what kind of whiskey Goblin got. That would probably be all I needed to get me through the trip. I hope you have a safe flight!

He picked up a large bottle of Oban something or other. We may see it opened at some point.

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Lucky flippin' people! It's gonna be epic. I can feel it in my veins haha.

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You should have come too

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Would have loved to. I hope to attend in the future lol. I think the meetups are where it's at and the trip is a big plus.

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Enjoy mate. I'm FOMO'ing already with all these early bird posts :)

Why didn’t you come man, it’s pretty awesome here?

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Too many commitments here this month.
Already looking forward to next year :/

I love playing Finn kantele and jouhikko but really those furs ugh! :( breaks my heart. I still use my steemfest firey bag, kind of nostalgic now

The scarves from last year were quite epic, are you back again this time?

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oh no, I wish! I couldn't afford though XD I got lucky last year with an all paid expenses trip. But I'll be nostalgically watching the posts, the thai team brought to Krakow some sackets of coffee I loved XD they told me they'd bring again... damn I'm not there hahah XD sounds exotic too !

I’ll try and write often then. Hopefully not in the middle of the night due to the jet lag I’m suffering. Almost missed breakfast this morning.

I’m seeing some familiar faces again wandering about, it’s going to be fun.

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My sleep schedule is soo soo bad but I live permanently jet lagged, i know it's bad XD. Sure it's going to be fun, I have a blast of a time last year! enjoy!

See you there, me too on my way


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See you so soon and you swapped the word UK and LIVING 🙃🙃

Doh!!! She might see it and not get to upset I got the name wrong. We are gonna try and get to your cafe at some point this week.

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oh.. I think tomorrow will be the last day I open the cafe this week as I will have to be at the SF as well. I am the owner and the only slave here hahah lol

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